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What To Wear To A Casino

October 8, 2015

Casino’s are very glamorous, glitzy places to be. The attendees ooze wealth and sophistication- from their attitude, to the way that they dress- you know they belong there. So if it’s your first time visiting a casino, what should you wear? Read on to find out…


Men, there is only one way forward when visiting a casino and that is with a tuxedo- or at the very least a well fitting suit! Tailored suits are a better choice as this way you can be sure that your suit is not ill fitting, but if you can’t afford that luxury, just make sure that you shop from a high end retailer who will provide you with a suit that fits well and looks stylish.

It’s not a popular choice to go with different coloured jackets and blazers e.g. black trousers and a navy blazer but there is an exception to this rule, if you are opting for a tuxedo consisting of black trousers and a white blazer. However, most men will stick to one colour. Go for black on black with a white shirt or grey on grey with a white or light pink shirt for a more sophisticated look.

Some men choose to have a handkerchief peeking out of the top of their blazer pockets. If you choose to do this, the colour should ideally be the same as the colour of your shirt- or, if your shirt is white and you’re wearing a coloured tie, it should match this colour instead.

Shoes should be made of leather and consist of a high shine- if you aren’t confidant doing this yourself, take them to a shoe shine shop where they can do this to a professional standard for you! Trainers, flip flops and sports shoes will not be accepted as part of a casino dress code.

In terms of accessories, most men will opt for cuff links, a ring or two and a watch. Items such as medallions, chain necklaces and earrings do not necessarily fit the classy atmosphere of a casino. Cuff links should be simple and elegant, yet rings and watches can be more luxurious and flashy- don’t allow the two to clash though.


Whilst women should always dress to impress themselves, in a casino they should dress to impress their husbands too! Typically, fancy midi or maxi dresses are the typical dress code for women. These can be any colour you like but popular colours include black, white, red and purple.

Dresses are ordinarily quite figure hugging, such as cocktail dresses, but some have fitted bodices with flowing skirts. This preference is a personal choice and totally up to you. The one rule you should remember is to either have a low cut neckline that shows off your chest or a dress that shows off your legs- never show off both, as this can make dresses look a little cheaper than you would like.

When it comes to the dress, go for elegance…sweet heart necklines, dropped backs, halter necks or cut out backs and sides. These add a little extra to the design of the dress, and things like dropped backs look very glamorous.

Heels should match your dress. If you’re wearing a red dress, pink heels most likely will clash rather than match. Consider your colour scheme carefully in order to pull off a seamlessly glam casino outfit. Stiletto heels are the most common choice for women, but the style regarding open toes, height of the heel etc. is all down to you!

In regards to accessorizing, jewellery should co ordinate well with your outfit. If you’re wearing a high necked dress, statement earrings are a must. If you’re wearing a long sleeved dress, statement rings are perfect- and so on. Don’t wear statement jewellery all over as you may look like you’re trying to brag about your wealth, which isn’t very classy at all! So try to pick one, maybe two statement pieces that will bring your outfit together and really wow people.

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