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What to wear when playing casino games online

July 7, 2017
what to wear when playing casino games online

When you go for a job interview you choose your outfit with care, wash your hair clean and tease it into your most flattering but simple do. Maybe you squeeze into a pair of high heels, or get out that special tie, the one that you think is new enough and ‘special’ enough to bring you much-needed luck. When playing online, who’s to say you shouldn’t look your best just like when you try to impress a potential employer? In fact, some aspects of the dress-up to impress routine might actually improve your game, and if it doesn’t then at least you’ll have tried your best to put the odds in your favour.

In the 1990s the power suit became the buzzword for ambitious professionals, and not without reason. Wearing something that is reserved for the boardroom, where you exercise power and set out to impress and win, will not only change your posture but also your mind set. Employers are proven to be more sensitive to candidates who hold themselves confidently, and the extra adrenaline rush, which comes from clothes associated with such an experience, can serve you well in high-risk games.

Compare how you usually sit when you’re wearing pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms with how you hold yourself in your chair when wearing a sharp suit; the majority of people will noticeably sit up straighter and be more alert to their surroundings. When you’re gambling with real money, anything that can make you more focused on the game and more confident should be tried, so if that means digging out a tuxedo or tight pencil skirt, then surely it’s worth it.

There is, however; something to be said for being comfortable when you’re sitting facing a screen where the fate of your bet or your gamble will be revealed. If you’re in it for the long-haul you don’t want to feel cinching, rubbing or itching of any description from the clothes you’ve decided to wear, and from this point of view a tie could be less than ideal, as could almost any formal piece of female clothing or shoe wear. Whatever makes you feel like you’re most at home and carefree, be it a tiger ‘onesie’ or paint-splattered jumper from your school days, it’s your game, your choice, and your body. There’s now no need to journey miles to play at a bricks and mortar casino, as thanks to the internet you can play all your favourite games and a whole new generation of online innovations, from the comfort of your own home, in whatever clothes you choose to wear.

Most physical casinos have smart/casual dress codes, though an increasing number now require men to wear jackets, and women are expected to dress modestly whilst still ensuring they are in keeping with their elegant surroundings. It’s part of the thrill of a casino experience, only topped by winning big. But whilst the winning isn’t always guaranteed, when it comes to playing casino games online, you can be absolutely sure that your wardrobe choice is entirely up to you.

Whatever your choice is, it’s always a gamble, and so your best bet is to experiment, and see whether it’s sharp formalwear and shiny shoes, or lived-in clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear out of the house that bring you most luck.

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