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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

July 24, 2017
tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe

There comes a time for all of us when our wardrobes are full to bursting with stuff that we haven’t worn for months (or years, or at all – spot those sale tags and cringe!), and an urge comes upon us to clear it all out. To purge. To be done with. To gather it all up in black bags and haul it to the nearest (or dearest) charity shop so that someone else can enjoy it.


And of course, once all the old stuff is out of the way, and that closet is looking a little empty, you’ve found the perfect excuse to go and fill it up again – this time with items you’re actually going to wear. Hopefully anyway.


But the work itself is tiring, backbreaking, and boring, and more often than not we stop halfway through and find something better to do, which has left us not much better off than before. And there was so much potential dangling on those empty hangers!


So what are the top tips for making this mammoth task less of a chore? We’ve got a few ideas…


Get It All Out

Literally. All of it. Every single thing within the wardrobe needs to come out and be thrown into a massive pile on your bedroom floor. Don’t worry about making a mess; that’s the point – enjoy the freeing feeling of abandonment for a moment as skirts, shirts, and those sparkly trousers you’d forgotten about go flying. This is a cleanse, and although it doesn’t involve gallons of juice or an expertly placed hose, it’s just as good for you. Seeing all this stuff laid out on the floor should give you a minute or so to reflect on just how much you actually have. It’ll be more than you think. You’ll spot things that make you ask yourself why, and others that are more why not?


Divide And Conquer

Now that the first wave of euphoria and terror have passed, it’s time to start making smaller (ideally), neater (possibly) piles of clothing. Have three categories – keep, stash, dump – and work through everything methodically. Anything you want to keep, anything that you will definitely definitely wear, can go into the ‘keep’ pile. Anything that you want to keep but that isn’t suitable for the season can go in the ‘stash’ pile. Everything else can go. Be totally honest with your answers when you ask yourself whether you really want to keep something or not and it will make the job a lot easier and a lot more satisfying.


Follow The One Year Rule

This is a really very simple rule and one that will stand you in good stead for the future – if you haven’t worn it in a year, what is going to change to make you wear it now? Don’t be a hoarder, don’t answer with a ‘just in case’ pretence. We know, it is entirely possible to grow attached to clothing, but there is really no point in having it hanging around in your wardrobe when it’s never going to see the light of day again.


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