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Top Ten Tips For Looking Your Best at the Casino

March 16, 2016

Casino’s are stylish places (as long as you’re playing at the right ones!). You want to play well, but also look the part too- no one is going to take you seriously if you turn up in your Nike trackies and a t-shirt. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even be let in! So, to give you a hand, here’s ten top tips for looking your best whilst at a casino.

1. Don’t look like you’ve tried too hard

You want your glamorous, classy look for the night to look absolutely effortless- as if it’s come as naturally to you as your talent for blackjack has!

2. Don’t go over the top

If you’re going to fake tan, don’t opt for the shade that turns you into a tangerine. If you’re wearing a dress, show off your legs or your boobs, but not both. If you’re wearing jewellery, opt for one or two statement pieces, not ten. You get the picture.

3. Don’t look scruffy

If you’re wearing a nice suit, it doesn’t bode well to then pair this with some scruffy looking trainers, or to switch the shirt for a more laid back looking t-shirt. You want to look smart at all times.

4. Carry wet wipes on you

Casino’s are often full of cocktails and canapes, and spillages can and do happen. Keep some travel sized wet wipes in your handbag or pocket to help mop up any emergencies that threaten to leave embarrassing stains on your outfit for the rest of the night.

5. Be comfortable, but don’t look it

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a shirt that’s rubbing your neck or a dress that keeps hitching up, it will show. Not only that, but you’ll be so focused on the clothing that’s annoying you that you won’t pay any attention to the games and might miss out on some wins! Buy a larger sized shirt, or have your top button undone. Wear a different style dress. Be comfortable but stay looking as though you mean business – like you came here to win.

6. Colour co-ordinate

Yellow dress with red shoes? No. Pink shirt and green tie? Definitely not. Make sure your outfit and your accessories all match up and co-ordinate- without a bit of co-ordination, you can quickly end up looking like a clown and then no one will take you seriously.

7. Keep the essentials on you

Male or female, this is vital- although the tools you need to keep on you may vary! A small hairbrush or comb, perfume or body spray for a refreshing spritz, lipstick to top up after a drink, tissues and a nail file are just some suggestions. If something begins to flop during the night you want to be able to perk it back up again!

8. Nails are important for EVERYONE

You use your hands a lot in a casino for games, drinking and shaking hands! If you’ve got dry skin, rough palms, dirty nails and the likes, people are probably going to see through the expensive details of your suit and be thoroughly repelled by you. Don’t forget small details like hands and nails whilst focusing on the big things like your clothes.

9. No designer is okay

You don’t have to wear designer if you can’t afford designer. Remember, you’re going to be spending a huge amount of cash on a night in a casino anyway. If you can’t afford designer and instead opt for cheap alternatives, it’s fine…as long as you don’t look like a tacky extra from TOWIE!

10. Be yourself

People will notice if you’re dressed the same as one of the V.I.P’s or your opponent. Dress with your own style, or imitate theirs and give it a twist of your own style with accessories. Don’t try to copy someone else, because it doesn’t reflect well on you, or your game play either!

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