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Top Date Night Ideas for Some Special Time With Your Beau or Belle

October 21, 2016

It’s important to spend some one on one time with your other half- sometimes life just gets in the way! But it’s time to make some time for each other. Here’re some top date night ideas for you and your special someone! 


A Trip To The Cocktail Bar

Don’t just take your other half to a bog standard bar. Instead, bring them to your local cocktail or wine bar. It’s a far classier kind of venue and also gives you and your other half the chance to dress up a little more than you would if you were visiting a pub. Make sure to buy your other half their first drink – it was your idea, so it’s only the courteous thing to do! 



A James Bond Movie Marathon

Nothing gets the sparks flying better than a James Bond movie. Men who watch want to be Bond, women who watch want to be the Bond girl that Bond gets, it’s a win-win situation. There’s also so many films to watch that it gives you and your other half the chance to build a pillow fort or snuggle down with a duvet and some snacks, spending a quiet yet highly enjoyable night in together. 



Dance Classes

Why not surprise your other half with something a little spontaneous, like taking them to a dance class? This is a favourite activity for a lot of couples, so there’s guaranteed fun in it for the both of you. You’ll either be laughing with each other or at each other, but a laugh is a laugh, right? It also gets in that first dance practice hey…



Drive Through Cinema

Better than outdoor cinemas are drive through movies. They’re so romantic and also more intimate than ordinary cinemas. You and your other half can cuddle in the car together while watching one of the classic movies they always seem to show at these kinds of events – probably something like Pretty Woman. 



Games Night!

A games night is the perfect date night, particularly if the pair of you are a bit skint! Round up all your classic board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit, grab some playing cards, some Top Trumps and, most importantly of all, some snacks and some wine – games are always so much more fun when played with a glass of wine in hand!



Spa Date

As a special treat, why not take your beau to a spa for the night? Don’t just book the initial trip, but take the time to book them into some treatments you think they’ll enjoy too, so they don’t have to waste time picking and choosing when they get there! Not only is a spa date a great way to spend some quality time together but it’s a nice mini break away from home too.


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