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The Ultimate Gift List for Casino Lifestyle Lovers

January 6, 2017

Do you know anyone who loves the casino lifestyle? Are you stuck for ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas? Here is a hot list of gift ideas for men and women who simply can’t wait to get back to Vegas or Monte Carlo. You’ll never again be stuck for ideas when you check out our list of endless possibilities.

Home Casino Kits

The first and most obvious is the variety of home casino kits. With one of these, you don’t need to go to a casino to enjoy all the fun. For a relatively cheap price, you can purchase all you need for a poker game, a roulette wheel, card sets for baccarat and much more. They say that staying in is the new going out. Not everywhere has a casino handy, so why bother going out? Fun times are had at home for minimal cost.

Cocktail Shaker & Recipe Book

No casino lifestyle is complete without a cocktail shaker and a book on how to make cocktails. With the full kit, your casino loving friend can step out of the “Martini, shaken not stirred” and try something new. Learn to mix all kinds of juices and spirits. With the cocktail shaker, you can measure exactly the proportions required rather than guessing. Get it right first time.


Although a tuxedo is not required to enter the majority of casinos, the man in your life will definitely look the part with a high quality tuxedo. You don’t need to buy one either, some are available to hire for an evening or a weekend at relative low cost. Are you planning to go out for an expensive meal followed by a night to the casino? Great, why hire a tuxedo and try your luck at baccarat or poker?

Cocktail Dress

Similarly for the lady in your life, why not buy or hire a cocktail dress for a glamorous night out? She will relish looking the part in some of the world’s best casinos. Glamorous and well-cut suits and evening wear need not break the bank. It’s simple and cheap to simply hire one for the evening. Most casinos no longer have a formal dress code, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to dress up, and feel and look like royalty.

Casino Mini Break

This is a little higher up the cost scale, but for the casino lover in your life, nothing could be better than a weekend getaway to a casino city. For most Europeans, Monte Carlo is just a short flight. For Americans, getting to Las Vegas is easy and subject to a short flight from your local airport. It could be the experience of a lifetime for your lucky casino lover, but it’s certainly not the cheapest in our list.

“How To” Guides

Even a seasoned poker player might love a comprehensive guide on how to improve their game. Volumes such as “The Idiot’s Guide To…” are enormously popular because they strike the right balance between welcoming the newbie and offering more advanced tips to those with more experience. You are spoilt for choice with this type of book. Just ensure they don’t already have that particular volume!

Custom Made Cards or Casino Chips

At first glance, cards and chips aren’t particularly inspiring. The chances are your casino lover already has his or her own set. But do they have custom printed cards and chips? Do they have their name imprinted on the chips and a favourite photograph of their family on the backs of the cards? Print specialists offer some great value and high quality example of casino accessories. Be sure to shop around.

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