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Super Quick Snacks for Playing Casino Games Online

October 9, 2015

In the world of online gambling, you don’t want to have to leave your computer for a second- anything could change in that time and you don’t want to miss a thing! However, your body won’t function properly if you’re distracted by, oh, I don’t know, hunger pains! When you’re hungry and dehydrated, your brain begins to slow down and focusing gets more difficult, so making sure you eat and drink enough is vital. We know you don’t want to be spending twenty to forty minutes cooking yourself a proper meal, so here’s some quick treats you can fix yourself in a matter of minutes…

Pot Noodles/Super Noodles.

Super tasty, filling for about an hour and only take 3 minutes to heat up in the microwave…that means leaving your game for 10 seconds to chuck them in the microwave, going back to your game for three minutes, leaving for another ten seconds to take them out of the microwave and then straight back to your game to eat whilst playing. These also require just one hand to eat, so your other hand can be in gambling mode!

Chicago town mini pizzas.

These pizzas are absolutely delicious and whilst they can be oven cooked, they’re also microwavable, and will heat up in 4 minutes! Coming in cheese or pepperoni, these will fill you up considerably and won’t keep you from the online gambling world for too long!

Rustler’s Burgers.

Whilst they may not be the most nutritious of foods, they will certainly keep you full for a while after consumption and are so quick to do in the microwave, again taking just three minutes to cook!

Uncle Ben’s Express Risotto.

Another three minute meal that tastes sensational, this risotto comes in a variety of flavours and, as an actual, proper meal, is bound to satisfy those cravings for food and keep you going for hours!


Cooked on the oven or in a microwave, soup comes in a huge range of flavours and takes minutes to prepare. You can team this with some nice, thick slices of bread and in no more than five minutes, you’ve got yourself a meal to keep you going through the night as you play against your global components.

Toasted Sandwiches.

Whilst these may take around 7 minutes with a toastie machine and up to 10 minutes without one, these snacks can be customised to your preferences- cheese, ham, tomato, bacon, chicken, you name it! Hot, easy to consume and tasty, a perfect snack to digest without distractions.

Pick n mix.

Keep your cupboards supplied with sweets. Then, when you need that sugar rush to keep you awake during those long gambling sessions, get out a bowl, pour in a variety of sweets and enjoy! Done in seconds, enjoyed for the night.

Crisps, veg sticks and dips.

Crisps are easily prepared- you open the packet. Ditto with a dip. You can then either buy pre-cut vegetables or slice up some of your own- celery, carrot, pepper and cucumber. Whilst the crisps will satisfy your junk food cravings, the vegetables will give you the energy and nutrients you need to stay focused!

Fruit Salad.

Whatever fruit you happen to have in, quickly chop up, throw in a bowl, mix around and voila, a delicious, super quick and super healthy snack for you to munch on!


Similar to a fruit salad, chuck a variety of fruits into a blender/smoothie maker, add some yoghurt or cream if you like and blend together for 30-60 seconds. Whilst it may not sound as filling as an edible snack, you’ll soon think otherwise once you’ve drunk it!

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