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Outfit Ideas: Poker

May 28, 2017

If I’m ever at a loss for what to do, I always consider the casino. Winning money, classy drinks, and great outfits? I’m there…

Dressing for the casino is one of the easiest things to do if you know how to do it. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to Casino attire, and some are even installed by the casinos themselves. Basically, if you ever find yourself going to pick up your jeans… don’t. Jeans are a big no-no in the casino world because every day is a day to impress, right? If you are more of a jeans-only person, then maybe online casino play is best for you!


I love playing Poker in the casino. I always find it’s so serious… so I like to dress accordingly. The way you dress has a big impact on how your opponents see you, and how they play. So if you turn up dressed to impress, well, you better darn well impress them. I tend to stay away from dresses when playing poker, as I like to feel comfortable at the table. My go-to outfit is a skirt and top. This way I can mix and match between funky tops and plain skirts or plain tops and funky skirts… because you always need something funky. If you still think you’ll be a little uncomfortable in a skirt, then you can always try out some trousers and a top. But if you look in the mirror and don’t think you quite look like the ‘Bond Girl,’ then maybe add a blazer to make it extra snazzy – this will also help with the Casino air con so that you can focus on your game, rather than the goosebumps on your arms.


You should always wear comfortable shoes to the casino. Trainers are a big no-no, even for men, as it just doesn’t go with the feel of the place – and some casinos will even kick you out for wearing them!  If you find that you’ll be more comfortable wearing boots than heels, then go for it. As a compromise, you could even wear heeled boots. Sorted.


Accessories are completely down to you. Poker is known for being full of weird and wacky accessories. Some players wear scarves so they can cover their mouths, others wear sunglasses to cover your eyes (some even wear hooded jackets tied around their faces. I would not recommend this. AT ALL) …and if you feel like that will help you, then go for it. But always make sure you brighten up your outfit with some other accessories. Like diamonds. Because, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


To completely finalize your outfit you need to have the right hair. Blackjack is all about your Poker Face… or should I say, ‘Blackjack face’ and I find that having my hair down and loose gives me the ability to hide my face a little…especially when I’m struggling to keep it together when I’m dealt the winning hand. Alternatively, you could always wear your hair up to heighten your Poker Face… if you’re brave enough.

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