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Outfit Ideas: Blackjack

April 3, 2017

There’s nothing I love more than getting all dolled up to go to the Casino. Feeling confident as you walk about the casino floor lets everyone know that yeah, that’s right – this girl takes herself seriously. And she’s got amazing fashion sense too, of course. My favorite game of all time is Blackjack, as I grew up playing ‘Twenty-One’ with small change when I was younger, and have since progressed to playing online blackjack – I just can’t get enough of it!

When I think about my outfit choice for my night at the casino, I focus on the 3 main outfit choices: Dress, shoes, and jewellery.


I choose to wear dresses that are elegant and represent the Blackjack boss that I am. I love to wear sweetheart necklines, cut-out dresses, or halters. I mostly wear black dresses and choose to have one ‘asset’ showing, whether its legs, boobs or my bare back. This stops your look from becoming too much and shows a little bit of mystery – essential in the game of Blackjack. You never want to give too much away to your opponents.


If you aren’t a dress kind person, some smart trousers and a nice top or blouse is a great alternative, and much more comfortable if you plan on staying in the casino for a long time. I’d always go for some straight-legged trousers – or you could even wear skinny if you want – and a glitzy top that will be the showstopper. My motto is that there can never be too much glitz.


In terms of shoes – you should always go for comfortable yet classy. A heel is a must, as heels are always the most elegant of shoes. But you never want to go too high. My tip: If you walk like a duck…they’re too high. If you find that you struggle to walk in high heels, you can always try wearing a platform-style heel, that is a lot wider than the average stiletto. But personally,  I’d choose a stiletto any day. It’s also important to think about color combinations, so try to avoid clashing colors at all costs! A black heel will go with anything. Period.


I always wear jewellery to finish off an outfit. A casino is a classy place, so your accessories want to reflect that. Or you could go full out and try to distract your Blackjack opponents with your sparkles and glitter…. But I like to go with one or the other. Necklace or bracelet. I always pair my earrings up with one of these because it won’t overpower the outfit. And keeping it simple will prove to your other players that you know what you’re doing. Because if a girl can accessorize…she can whoop your ass at Blackjack.


Knowing what to wear to a casino can make or break your time there. Gambling is all about confidence, and playing Blackjack requires even more confidence than that! Imagine this…you feel good…you look good…and you’ve just won at Blackjack. Could it get any better than that? It all starts from your outfit, so make it count.

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