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My Top 5 Fashion Brands

August 25, 2017

When it comes to clothes, I am certainly not a designer queen or a fashionista, but I do love putting together a great outfit that really shows who I am. I am all about colour, and patterns, cute dresses, playsuits and boots. I don’t think I own any properly “plain” clothes! I don’t like to spend too much on one item of clothing unless it really is amazing, so my most often frequented stores are more high street rather than high end.


One of my go to stores is New Look. It’s difficult at times because a lot of their fashion is aimed at people younger and skinnier than me, and I am not quite brave enough to wear a cropped top. However, for work clothes, or an outfit to go out in, New Look is great. I love their more Luxe lines which look fantastic but are affordable too, and their range of jeans are so extensive that it’s easy to find a pair that works for you.


I stumbled upon ChiChi London when I was looking for a dress for my Graduation Ball, and I have never looked back. They have the most stunning party/cocktail/formal dresses for an absolute steal. They also cater specifically for girls who are particularly tall, petite, or curvy, offering beautiful options for all. I think if you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion you can’t go wrong with ChiChi – they even do wedding dresses!


Is there anything better than getting clothes through the post? It’s like a present from yourself! I love Boohoo for this as there isn’t anything they don’t do. They always have great sale items (plus student discount!), and you could kit out your entire wardrobe from just this one website.


Asos is another great online store that has excellent quality clothes at reasonable prices. I like the fact that they also offer such nice men’s clothes too (but let’s be real, sometimes they are the things that finish off our own outfits perfectly!). It’s so easy to order and send back anything that doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look as great on you as you may have hoped, that it makes shopping super simple. (Perhaps too simple! My bank account isn’t a fan!)


I adore River Island clothes as they are often a little more high-fashion and daring than a lot of other high street stores. The clothes are such great quality that you can wear them to death, and they still look fresh – even the shoes! I probably wouldn’t/couldn’t use River Island for all of my clothes, but I do have a few beautiful pieces in my wardrobe that I love wearing for special occasions or events.  


I do love buying clothes (although I hate trying them on in the store – dressing room lighting is so unflattering right?!) especially unusual items from quirky little market stalls or a vintage second-hand store, but for my everyday purchases, these are the five shops I visit the most.


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