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My Top 5 Beauty Brands

September 6, 2017
top 5 beauty brands

For my day-to-day makeup, I like to use a mixture of budget, drugstore and high-end brands. I certainly don’t think that the more expensive a makeup product is, the better, but there are definitely brands that I enjoy more than others and will go to, time and time again.


Everyone loves Soap and Glory bath products, but have you ever tried their cosmetics?! With hilariously witty and pun-filled product names and packaging that is stunning, it’s so tempting to pick these up off the shelf, and you really, honestly should. Although a little pricier than your usual drugstore brands, the extra money is certainly worth it. My personal favourites are the lipsticks, the blotting face powder and primer.


There are some Benefit products that I absolutely swear by. There is not one mascara in their range that I wouldn’t love to wear every day, and their mini gift sets are a godsend for those wanting to try some of the products out before paying full whack for the full sized goodies. The blush, concealer and High Beam highlighter are my favourites!


If you’re looking for something cheap, but wonderful, Sleek is fabulous. These are the everyday products that are a face staple and come in so many different shades and options. I love the simple eyebrow pallet, and  the contour kit blush has the best colour and shimmer of any that I’ve ever tried.  


For something colourful with incredible pigmentation Makeup Geek is an excellent choice. They do vegan options, and you can buy individual eyeshadow pans so you can create your own, personalised pallets. The eyeshadows have great staying power and come in some really fun shades that would be hard to find anywhere else. I love the eyeshadows I have, but I am eyeing up (pun intended!) some of the coloured eyeliner pencils.


MUA Make Up Academy products are an absolute steal, with items starting at just £1! These are great for someone who is just building up their makeup collection, or who wants to experiment without paying a lot. There are some things that you just don’t need to spend a whole paycheck on, and will do just as good a job. I have a few of the blushers from MUA because I love the range of colours and the great pigmentation.


I think it’s important to shop around and try different brands to see what works best for you. Some things, I am happy to spend a little bit more money on, because I know you will be able to see the difference, however, others, there’s nothing wrong with being a little cheaper if you find a good dupe or something that still looks great, despite the price.


Some products, I tend to save for those special occasions where I want to look a little more done up – such as some of the Benefit items of Soap & Glory products. However, there are some things I will use every single day for a more simple, natural look. Shop around, try new things, and find your top five favourite beauty brands!


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