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My Perfect Day

December 15, 2016

Everyone dreams of one perfect day, and I was surprised at how easily I came up with what mine would entail. I tried to keep it semi-realistic, as much as I would like to fly and win millions, so that I can still hope that one day, maybe this day will come true. We can but hope!


My perfect day would begin at around 10 am, after a lush lie in and lazy morning. I would wake up naturally, rather than being forced awake by a horrible, screeching alarm. Ideally, I’d be somewhere exciting with a beautiful view, perhaps in a nice hotel or a lodge somewhere peaceful. I would be brought breakfast in bed – fresh fruit, pancakes, Mimosas and hot buttered toast – and eat it with the curtains open, looking out at the morning.


I am not hugely high maintenance, but I would love to do something fun and exciting during the day. Perhaps a walk around a zoo, a shopping trip (but not on a weekend, I hate busy crowds in shops!), or a theme park. I’m not really one for lazing about, but I do have a competitive streak, so maybe something like escape rooms, or a scavenger hunt would be cool!


Lunch would be a cream tea, (or perhaps a champagne tea, it’s a perfect day after all!) with delicate sandwiches and lots of indulgent cakes. (I have noticed that a lot of my perfect day revolves around food, but I am not surprised!)


During the afternoon, I would love to go and see a show, probably a musical, or something artsy and pretentious. Everything would go my way – all the traffic lights would be on green for me, I’d find a fiver on the ground, the weather would be perfectly sunny and wonderfully warm.


In the late afternoon, I would go off for a few drinks with friends and some tapas for an early dinner. For most of the day, I’d love for it just to be me and my love, as we never get to spend any time together, however, a perfect day wouldn’t be perfect without spending some time with some of my other favourite humans.


We would then head off home where I’d spend the evening in the living room, cuddled up in a blanket, with the fire on, and a nice cup of tea and biscuits. I’d be on my laptop, playing online slots (which I would win on my perfect day of course!), with the cat curled up beside me and a feelgood film on in the background.


I’d go to bed at a decent hour (for once!) and manage to fall asleep, happy and content after my perfect day.


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