My All-Time Favourite Party Theme Ideas

May 18, 2017

I love to throw a good party – I mean, honestly, who doesn’t? While it’s not so much fun doing all of the cleaning up the next day, the actual planning of the party and the purchasing of decorations as well as doing up the venue is all so much fun! However, no party is complete without a theme. If there is no theme to your party, decorations begin to clash, people turn up wearing whatever they fancy, the playlist becomes a shambles… it’s no good!

One of my favourite themes for a party is black and white, monochromatic! It’s such a classic theme that can never be overdone! Decor can be black with white highlights and finishing touches or vice versa, and let’s not lie every girl loves to throw on an LBD! You can even class silver as white if you’re trying to find a way to glitz your party up a little more.


Another excellent theme is Disney! The decor of the venue can be bright, playful and even slightly childish! Everyone can come dressed as their favourite Disney character, and there is definitely no end to the brilliant Disney songs you can add to a playlist for the night! It doesn’t matter how old your guests are; Disney is loved by everyone.


Casino themed parties are also highly successful. It gives you the opportunity to really glam a venue up and go all out with both the decor of the venue and the entertainment throughout the night too! Think like you’re in one of the most classy casinos there is, such as The Bellagio. Do your research. This particular theme is also so popular because it gives women the chance to dress up in something fancy when they might not normally have the opportunity to while the lads have a chance to gamble with their pals without getting in trouble with their wives! If you’re going to set up any casino games at home, why not practice playing online blackjack first to get ahead of the game and beat all your friends!


Horror parties always go down a treat – probably because it gives people an opportunity to dress up in a scary costume even when it isn’t Halloween! Obviously, you can throw horror themed parties on Halloween too, but these can work all year around. Make sure you ban costumes like cat and angel and make it clear costumes have to be scary! When it comes to horror parties, it’s all in the decor again, so make sure to go all out with the black velvet, fake cobwebs and gooey ‘blood’.
James Bond themed parties are very similar to casino themed parties, but the two can be separated- rather than every man dressing as Bond and every girl as a Bond Girl, don’t forget there are other male and female characters, both good and evil. You could even create a sort of James Bond murder mystery game to be played at the party- and there’s definitely a great soundtrack from each film to turn into a playlist!

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