Bond Style Roulette

How to Win at Roulette Like a Bond Girl

June 8, 2016

Bond Girls had it all; the looks, the money and the luck in the casino. But worry not! You too can have some of that some Bond Girl luck and make some big wins in the casino for yourself. Here’s how…


Flirt your way to winning

Quite simply, you can flirt your way to a big win. Whether you flirt with the dealer of each game or whether you flirt with the general manager of the casino themselves, you can quite easily flirt your way into winning if you play your cards right (pardon the pun). 


Win by association

A lot of Bond Girls were often lucky because their husbands or fathers were valued members of the casino, or even owned the casino. If you know someone who is high up at the casino, such as an investor or shareholder, make yourself known to the dealers, and you’re sure to get lucky all night long. 


Drink your way to winning

Not you personally. Find a man to partner up with all evening and keep his drinks flowing. When he needs taking back to his bedroom, put him to bed like a polite young lady… and then steal all of his winnings from the night. As saucy and sly as a true Bond Girl! 


Win as a lucky charm

Agree to be a man’s lucky charm for the night as long as you get a portion of all of his winnings. Better yet, wait until his back’s turned at the bar and then take all of the winnings in sly and sneaky Bond Girl style! 


Guilt trip your way to winning

Are you just having the worst time? Did your cheating husband run off with all your money? Are you trying to win some back? Probably not, but who cares? Bond Girls were conniving at the best of times, so make sure to use this trait yourself to try and earn some extra winnings.


Cheat your way to winning

Bond Girls always knew how to cheat. Learn some tips from the movies or look some up online. Yes, technically it is illegal to cheat at the casino, but did this ever stop a Bond Girl before? No! So don’t let it stop you either. 


Shoot your way to winning

If worst comes to worst, whip a gun out from a suspender under your dress (as obviously, that’s where they’re stashed in Bond Girl style) and hold the dealer at gunpoint while you take every last penny possible. Of course, this method is not advisable but if you want to be a genuine Bond Girl… well. Why not give it a go? 


Alternatively, you could just study up on the rules of roulette and make a genuine win, because a lot of Bond Girls were just genuinely good at casino games! But hey, where’s the fun in that?


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