Don’t Forget These Six Important Factors When Hosting a Casino Party

April 25, 2016

Hosting parties is fun, gambling is fun… bring the two together and have a casino party and you’re laughing! However, it’s all fun and games until you forget something vital that prevents everyone from having a good time! Here are six important factors that you should never forget when hosting a casino themed party!

1. Keep the drinks flowing

With that in mind, refreshments generally need to be kept topped up at all times. Hungry and thirsty guests are not happy guests and will ruin any party by storming around demanding for food and drink whilst complaining that there is none. On top of that, a lot of people are more…enthusiastic…when they have had a few drinks, and so will be sure to keep the life of the party going!

2. Dress code

Don’t be lax on the dress code. If you have set a casino themed dress code, don’t let someone in with trainers just because they’re so and so’s friend. You want to provide a complete casino experience for your friends at your party, and similarly your friends should also respect that. It might be a useful idea to have a box of back up shoes and clothes in case somebody turns up unprepared!

3. Atmosphere

Do you have the correct lighting, aromas and music to recreate that well loved and well known casino atmosphere? Think mood lighting, dingy with some dark corners for people to creep off to together (or cry in alone if they lose all of their money!), spotlights over game tables, smooth jazz music for a classier casino atmosphere- no rubbish, tinny, pop music! The atmosphere you set will remain throughout the party, so make sure you start as you mean to go on…successfully!

4. Food

No one wants their hands full of food when trying to deal with poker chips and playing cards, so remember to keep food minimal; think finger food, canape’s, that kind of thing. Remember to have a few food disposal units (bins!) around the room so that people don’t have to interrupt their games or travel far to dispose of something. Also make sure there is plenty of napkins to wipe off stains and clean up sticky fingers!

5. Time slots

Depending on the size of your guest list, you don’t want one person hogging a game of craps, leaving others stuck with blackjack and nothing else. Try to allocate time slots, for example, twenty minutes per game. You could even create tokens for each game with times written on them, so that everybody gets a fair amount of time to play what they like, whilst keeping it all light hearted and fun and not at all controlling…!

6. Have fun

Hosting parties can often seem more like hard work than fun, but remember it is important for you to have a good time too! Make sure to mingle with your guests, sample the food, have a few drinks to reward yourself for your hard work and maybe even have a little gamble yourself!

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