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Five Top Table Games for Your Next Party

January 6, 2017

Home casinos are all the rage today. You can bet small and pull out when you feel like it. The problem is that not everybody is familiar with most casino games. Some have complex rules that some players cannot hope to learn in a couple of hours. It’s also expensive to hire a slot machine. So what games should you play if you have a home casino night?

Roulette Wheel

The Roulette Wheel is one of the simplest casino games. You can buy home Roulette kits from most toy and game retailers and online. All you need is a wheel, a ball and the mat with the cells to place your bets. Watch the fun unfold as your players take bets on where the ball will land. Although some of the bets are complex, you can make the game at your home casino simpler by deciding that some options are out of bounds.

Blackjack (And Its Variations)

No player need feel daunted by card games. Blackjack (and its variations such as 21 or Pontoon) is one of the easiest games to play. Be clear on the rules, as some people may be familiar with one version and not the other. Either way, all variations on the “21” games are simple and accessible for those who have never played a card game. It’s fun too! Simply, players compete against each other and attempt to make the number 21 from their hand by sticking with their hand or choosing an extra card.


Poker is one of the most popular and glamorous of card games. That said, it’s not easy to learn all of the rules. Some of your virgin players may struggle at first. Thankfully, there are many versions of poker – some poker variations are easy to learn, others not so much. The great thing about the game is that you don’t have to be a great player in order to win a hand. Poker is all about bluff, after all. You can win with a bad hand if you can convince other players that it is a good hand.


The dice game is a number simple casino game you may wish to play at home. Most households have dice. As we are all so familiar with this diverse playing piece, picking up the rules as you go should be easy. There are no competitors in this type of game, so there would be no motive for people not to help those unfamiliar with the game to understand the rules, and what constitutes a winning or losing throw.


Mistakenly believed to be one of the more difficult games to learn, Baccarat is no longer as popular in casinos as it once was. It became a glamorous game thanks to James Bond. In the books, Bond was a keen baccarat player. In the recent film version of Casino Royale, Baccarat was switched for Texas Hold Em Poker. It works on a simple premise and if there are four or more of you, this can be fun and exhilarating. Two players compete against each other while everyone else bets on who will have the higher value hand. Many hours of fun guaranteed.

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Quiz: Which Casino Game Best Suits Your Personality?

December 24, 2016

I was playing on Casumo casino and I realised, with so many games, what kind of personalities are attracted to each? Are you undecided on which games to play at the casino? Do your friends keep asking you to compare your personality to concepts and inanimate objects? Now, you can amaze your friends by showing them precisely what casino game you are.

Question 1: How Do You Like Your Coffee?

A: Wet and hot. Beyond that, I don’t care. Coffee is coffee.
B: Light, fruity and easy to drink, perfect for a Sunday morning.
C: Big brand label, preferably rich and dark. Give me something new and I might try it
D: Anything that looks a little different. I’m adventurous like that
E: I am fussy because I look for quality. It has to be the right type of coffee before I go anywhere near it
F: Jamaican Blue Mountain. Only the best will do!

Question 2: Plan The Perfect Date

A: Coffee shop! Cheap and cheerful; maximum of one hour. I don’t like to stick around for long
B: I prefer to try somewhere familiar but always open to suggestions. That’s the luck of the throw, after all
C: Let’s start off somewhere simple but turn it up a notch if it goes well
D: I like to take my chances. Let’s see where the wind takes us?
E: I make a suggestion and watch my date closely. If he or she isn’t liking it, I change my stance too
F: Only the restaurant with the best reviews in town will do for a date.

Question 3: What is The Perfect European City Break?

A: Copenhagen: Not the first place you’d think of, but a pleasant time is always had
B: Somewhere new such as Berlin. You like to take your chances, but you also like to know what to expect before you get there
C: Amsterdam. You know why some people go there, but you’re not sure it’s for you. You’ll start off visiting art galleries but curiosity will get the better of you
D: Let’s just turn up at the airport or the railway station and see what they have leaving in the next hour? Dubrovnik? That sounds good!
E: London. Cultured and grand; there is so much to do and there is an electricity to the place that you cannot get elsewhere
F: Monte Carlo, preferably during the Formula 1 weekend.

Mostly As

Slot Machines. Simplicity is your life philosophy. Why waste time playing the long game when you can have a few quick rounds on a slot machine before moving on to something else? Maybe you don’t like the commitment, hate to have your time wasted, or maybe you get bored easily.

Mostly Bs

Craps is your game of choice. For you, life is like a throw of the dice. You want to have some control over the direction but are never fazed by curveballs. You take the rough with the smooth and willing to get up and try again. Craps is a bit like that. It’s a mix of chance and skill, just like life.

Mostly Cs

Call it Blackjack, 21 or Pontoon, but this game means you are willing to take the occasional chance “just in case”, even when you seemingly have a winning hand. You like the comfort of the familiar. However, you are never afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. If you don’t like it, at least you gave it a go.

Mostly Ds

You utter risk taker, you’re Roulette. You know that the biggest chances and biggest wins in life come from taking risks. You’re prepared to put everything on chance and you take some big risks too. We’ll bet you once walked out of a well-paying job to start up a business, and when that didn’t work you tried again?

Mostly Es

You’re Poker. Why? You’re attracted to quality and you like to plan well. You want refined, but you also don’t like to take chances. You play the long game in everything, waiting for the right moment to make your move. Nobody is calling you a control freak, but you do like to have things a certain way.

Mostly Fs

Only the best and most expensive will do. Congratulations, you’re Baccarat. The game of James Bond presents itself an air of mystique, and so do you. You will not settle for second best. You will not settle for Asti when Champagne is offered. Baccarat is elegant in its simplicity, but never shows it.


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My Perfect Day

December 15, 2016

Everyone dreams of one perfect day, and I was surprised at how easily I came up with what mine would entail. I tried to keep it semi-realistic, as much as I would like to fly and win millions, so that I can still hope that one day, maybe this day will come true. We can but hope!


My perfect day would begin at around 10 am, after a lush lie in and lazy morning. I would wake up naturally, rather than being forced awake by a horrible, screeching alarm. Ideally, I’d be somewhere exciting with a beautiful view, perhaps in a nice hotel or a lodge somewhere peaceful. I would be brought breakfast in bed – fresh fruit, pancakes, Mimosas and hot buttered toast – and eat it with the curtains open, looking out at the morning.


I am not hugely high maintenance, but I would love to do something fun and exciting during the day. Perhaps a walk around a zoo, a shopping trip (but not on a weekend, I hate busy crowds in shops!), or a theme park. I’m not really one for lazing about, but I do have a competitive streak, so maybe something like escape rooms, or a scavenger hunt would be cool!


Lunch would be a cream tea, (or perhaps a champagne tea, it’s a perfect day after all!) with delicate sandwiches and lots of indulgent cakes. (I have noticed that a lot of my perfect day revolves around food, but I am not surprised!)


During the afternoon, I would love to go and see a show, probably a musical, or something artsy and pretentious. Everything would go my way – all the traffic lights would be on green for me, I’d find a fiver on the ground, the weather would be perfectly sunny and wonderfully warm.


In the late afternoon, I would go off for a few drinks with friends and some tapas for an early dinner. For most of the day, I’d love for it just to be me and my love, as we never get to spend any time together, however, a perfect day wouldn’t be perfect without spending some time with some of my other favourite humans.


We would then head off home where I’d spend the evening in the living room, cuddled up in a blanket, with the fire on, and a nice cup of tea and biscuits. I’d be on my laptop, playing online slots (which I would win on my perfect day of course!), with the cat curled up beside me and a feelgood film on in the background.


I’d go to bed at a decent hour (for once!) and manage to fall asleep, happy and content after my perfect day.


Featured Me, Myself & I

My All-Time Favourite Blogs

November 13, 2016

Blogging has taken the world by storm, and it seems if you’re not writing one by now, you’re definitely reading one! We all know about the Zoella’s and Tanya Burr’s of the world, but who else writes a fab blog? Here’s a list of my all-time favourite bloggers.


Cattitude and Co.

Tara, the face behind Cattitude and Co., is an utterly amazing person. Her blog is all about female empowerment, period talk, positive body talk and everything else that is usually made explicit by mainstream media. She isn’t afraid to say it how it is and absolutely rocks at it!


Vix Meldrew

Vix’s self-titled blog is one of the best blogs around – she is a hysterical individual and isn’t embarrassed about anything (or so it seems!). She speaks very openly about the dating scene, interacting with the opposite sex and also runs an advice column about dating and relationships.


Love from, Florence Grace

Florence is an ambitious individual, and this really comes through in her blog as she writes all about feminism, being a girl boss and how to achieve your dreams. She also reports very bluntly and openly on current issues – in fact, she’s been compared to “Katie Hopkins but better”.


Dorkface Blog

Jemma of Dorkface is so sweet, so creative and a total star when it comes to blogging and social media. She’s done so well with her blog she’s even been able to create her own community – The Girl Gang. She also has her own business, designing and selling super cute prints and stickers, which are always in high demand!


The Lilac Scrapbook

If you love poetry, bees, or very emotional takes on very real life situations such as mental health issues, then you’ll love Katy’s blog, The Lilac Scrapbook. Katy has a charming way with words so that even when she’s talking about something quite sombre she manages to make it an enjoyable read without losing the point of what she’s saying.


Blonde Vision

One of the most successful entrepreneurs I have ever stumbled across, Lauren from Blonde Vision is an event planner/organiser. Her job takes her all over the globe and has also lead to her setting up a blogging events group which has hosted a huge number of successful events, including holidays to Ibiza and Centre Parks!


Girl Gone Dreamer

Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer is one of the most supportive bloggers there is. Not only does she produce her own superb content but she takes the time to share the content of many other bloggers too, making sure everyone sees them in the same brilliant way that she does! Her book reviews have left me with a to-read list that is miles long!

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Top Date Night Ideas for Some Special Time With Your Beau or Belle

October 21, 2016

It’s important to spend some one on one time with your other half- sometimes life just gets in the way! But it’s time to make some time for each other. Here’re some top date night ideas for you and your special someone! 


A Trip To The Cocktail Bar

Don’t just take your other half to a bog standard bar. Instead, bring them to your local cocktail or wine bar. It’s a far classier kind of venue and also gives you and your other half the chance to dress up a little more than you would if you were visiting a pub. Make sure to buy your other half their first drink – it was your idea, so it’s only the courteous thing to do! 



A James Bond Movie Marathon

Nothing gets the sparks flying better than a James Bond movie. Men who watch want to be Bond, women who watch want to be the Bond girl that Bond gets, it’s a win-win situation. There’s also so many films to watch that it gives you and your other half the chance to build a pillow fort or snuggle down with a duvet and some snacks, spending a quiet yet highly enjoyable night in together. 



Dance Classes

Why not surprise your other half with something a little spontaneous, like taking them to a dance class? This is a favourite activity for a lot of couples, so there’s guaranteed fun in it for the both of you. You’ll either be laughing with each other or at each other, but a laugh is a laugh, right? It also gets in that first dance practice hey…



Drive Through Cinema

Better than outdoor cinemas are drive through movies. They’re so romantic and also more intimate than ordinary cinemas. You and your other half can cuddle in the car together while watching one of the classic movies they always seem to show at these kinds of events – probably something like Pretty Woman. 



Games Night!

A games night is the perfect date night, particularly if the pair of you are a bit skint! Round up all your classic board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit, grab some playing cards, some Top Trumps and, most importantly of all, some snacks and some wine – games are always so much more fun when played with a glass of wine in hand!



Spa Date

As a special treat, why not take your beau to a spa for the night? Don’t just book the initial trip, but take the time to book them into some treatments you think they’ll enjoy too, so they don’t have to waste time picking and choosing when they get there! Not only is a spa date a great way to spend some quality time together but it’s a nice mini break away from home too.


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8 Outfit Ideas for a Trip to the Casino

October 5, 2016

The most important thing to do before visiting a casino is to find out what the dress code is so that you can dress accordingly. However, no matter what the dress code, there is some rules women should keep in mind. Firstly, never have a plunging neckline that shows too much of your chest. Secondly, no dresses/skirts should be higher than the knee. If you break these ‘rules’, you may not be taken seriously in the casino. So here are some things you can wear…


A maxi dress

Styled with flats, a patterned maxi dress looks chic and classy. If you opt for a patterned dress, keep accessories to a minimum. If you opt for a plain coloured dress, use accessories, such as large, statement earrings, to give the outfit some pizzazz.



A full-length jumpsuit can show that you wear the trousers at the table while still maintaining that feminine touch. Opt for a bold colour such as black or red and then use accessories such as a wide fitting belt, a statement necklace or some drop earrings to really glitz up the outfit. 


Cocktail dress

Paired with some elegant heels and a coordinating clutch bag, a cocktail dress looks very sophisticated at a casino. It shows that you’re happy to be on a gentleman’s arm as a lucky charm, but also that you know how to play yourself. 


A Line Dress

Dresses that cinch in at the waist and have kicking out skirts are very flattering to your figure. Lots of these dresses come with layered skirts so try not to go too overboard with this. Instead, opt for something simple, such as a plain coloured skirt with a lace overlay. 


Bodycon dresses

As long as they aren’t too short, bodycon dresses look very sophisticated on women, especially when paired with some classic stiletto heels and some eye-catching jewellery. Bodycon dresses come with long sleeves sometimes, so experiment with which kind of dress looks more impressive. 


Pencil skirt

If you aren’t a fan of dresses, pencil skirts make excellent outfits for casinos, particularly when paired with a beautiful blouse or bodysuit. Why not glam the outfit up with a faux fur shrug, or similar? 



For men, a tuxedo is pretty much the only option available. Opt for the classic black or white look or go for a beautiful, light blue colour for something that is a little more casual yet still has some oomph about it. 


Shirt and chinos

If the tuxedo isn’t for you, a simple shirt and chino look can look sophisticated enough, as long as you wear the right shoes and the shirt is the right cut and style. Sophistication is key here, and your outfit needs to scream “wealthy”. 

Featured Me, Myself & I

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

September 17, 2016

Everyone has those essential items that they use every single day, take everywhere with them and repurchase all of the time! Here are 10 of the things I absolutely can not live without! 



I love them! Not in an alcoholic way, but in a “hey, it’s Friday, let’s drink to that!”. Anything from a classic cosmopolitan to a dirty martini (shaken, not stirred) is fine by me! Here’s a list of some of my favourites. 



I love music, especially when it’s so good it just makes you want to get up and dance, no matter where you are or what you’re doing! (This can be slightly problematic on the bus to work but hey, who cares?)


Playing cards

How can you play drinking games without a good old deck of playing cards? Cards are used in so many different games; drinking, blackjack, poker… I couldn’t turn up to a party without my trusty pack of cards! 



Of course, it’s kind of obvious that no one can live without money, but I am such a shopaholic that it would be impossible for me not to earn a millionaire style wage every month – let’s hope I get there one day, hey? 


High heels

My high heel collection is fairly impressive and is always growing too! I have a pair of heels for literally every occasion, in every kind of height, texture, colour and pattern. There’s nothing to make you feel more like a total glamour puss than a good pair of high heels. 


Fairy lights

Mood lighting is everything, and I love to light my room up with cute, novelty shaped fairy lights! I always opt for battery-powered ones so that I don’t have to put them wherever a plug socket is – I can drape them wherever or even fill big glass bowls, jars or bottles with them to make some creative interior design. 


My iPod

I take my iPod with me everywhere – if I’m walking somewhere, I’m walking with my iPod. If I’m using public transport, I’m taking my iPod. If I’m at the gym, I’m using my iPod. I love music so much, and my iPod allows me to listen to it all the time, whenever I like. I couldn’t live without it! 


My phone

I’m a little bit of a social butterfly and need to be connected to the rest of the world at all times, meaning my mobile is always glued to the palm of my hand. Ironically, I use it more for social media than for anything actually phone related… 



How the heck do I get to watch so many good films whenever I like if I don’t have Netflix? I’ve also found so many hidden gem films on there too, proper ‘indie’ ones. It’s so worth the small fee of £6 a month. Couldn’t be without it! 



After a long night of partying or an even longer day at work, there is nothing better than coming home and changing into a super cosy pair of pyjamas. I have way too many pairs, enough for every day of the week at least!


Blackjack Featured

How to Play Blackjack like a Diva

July 12, 2016

Blackjack is the most popular game to play at the casino. However, there is a lot to focus on and to think about, including keeping that poker face and looking great while making some big wins!

The secret to winning a game of blackjack is to have a lot of patience and persistence and to learn some basic strategy for the game too. Spend some time at home learning to play the game well before entering a casino and expecting to make a big win.

Blackjack is played with 52 cards, with each different card being worth a different amount of points. Cards from 2-10 are worth their face value, but the ‘special’ cards, King, Queen and Jacks are worth ten each, while an Ace can be worth either 1 or 11. The idea of the game is to get cards that add up to the number 21 (or as close as you can get without going over) before the dealer.

Play begins once all players have made their bets, so make sure you do yours extravagantly so that the other players at the table know you mean business! Once all of the bets have been placed, the dealer will give you two cards, and the game begins.

If your cards come to a total of 16 or less, you must take another card. If this new card takes your total number of points to over 21, it becomes a ‘bust’, and you lose your bet (which you must do so gracefully, simply shrugging your shoulders and shaking hands with your fellow players. Stay to see how the rest of the game pans out). If your cards total 21, or as close as you can get (19 or 20), you have a ‘stand’ and can smugly single this with a quick hair flick and then a hand placed palm down on top of your cards.

Games of blackjack don’t usually last particularly long which is how people begin to get hooked on the game, playing over and over, desperate to win. In order to keep looking classy and professional, remember that you must never verbally announce a bust or a stand, as this is frowned upon. All communication in regards to the game is done via hand signals on the table for security purposes. When at the table, sit/stand straight and poised, ready for a win. If you lose, don’t let it show on your face and definitely don’t act like a sore loser about it! Be graceful and stay until the end of the game to show your support to everyone else who was playing. If you want to get to grips with it before learning the etiquette, try your hand at online blackjack first instead. 

When the game is over you may do a dramatic hair flick and sashay away from the table in a dramatic way, but remain professional too!

Bond Style Fashion Featured

James Bond Style In The Casino

October 9, 2015

James Bond – a man infamous for guns, girls, vodka martinis and suits. It comes as no surprise that when asked what would Bond wear to a casino, the simple and straightforward answer would be “a suit”. But there is no such thing as just “a suit”. There are so many more things to take into consideration, not just about the suit itself but right down to the smaller details, including shoes, cuff links and other finer accessories. If you want to pull of the James Bond look when entering a casino, you must take all elements of his look on board to succeed. Look no further than right here to learn the in’s and out’s of the classic Bond look.
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