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How To Win A Jackpot

September 14, 2017
how to win a jackpot

Most games of chance have a low chance of winning, so much so that professional gamblers prefer to learn games that require skill against where you pitch money, wits and talents against another person. These games will nearly always guarantee a winner; games of chance, not so much. There is no sure-fire way of winning a jackpot on a game of chance like a slot machine, but there are ways of increasing your odds of a bigger win.


Confidence is everything in seeing through your plan to win a jackpot. You can pick the best casino ever, but if you don’t have the confidence you are unlikely to get anywhere. Fear is a primal instinct that in generations gone past, motivated our self-preservation and saved our lives. Confidence is simply understanding the fear of losing, while at the same time being willing to take the chance on failure for the potential rewards at the end. Inside you might be terrified, but giving the air of confidence is infectious towards others and will grow within you. Confidence is its own fuel – first show it and then you will feel it.

The Will To Win…

Confidence is nothing without the determination to see a task through to the end. Confidence can be broken without the desire to go out there, work hard and earn your reward. When you are determined to win a jackpot, you are adamant that it is only a matter of time before something happens, it’s the wilfulness that drives people on, and the will to win is paramount. When you find your determination, obstacles are no barrier to success.

…But The Preparation to Lose

Gambling is a risky affair; every year, many thousands of people are diagnosed with gambling addiction. While having the will and confidence to win is admirable and necessary for winning a major jackpot, it’s important that these do not supersede good judgement. Just as you need determination, you need the understanding that you may, in fact, lose every penny. Setting aside a budget or a limit to how much you are going to spend gives a definitive cut-off point. In this case, preparing to fail is your safety net.

Play the Roulette Wheel

The best odds in a game of chance are to play the roulette wheel and to put your money on black or red. This comes with the risk of losing your stake or doubling it. Experts agree that playing the roulette wheel in this method is the best odds of winning anything in a casino, and therefore the best odds of getting a jackpot. The larger the stake the larger the potential jackpot, but also the higher the risks of putting all your money on a single spin.

Slot Machine Tactics

The odds of winning a jackpot on a slot machine are very low, but you can improve your odds to a certain extent. The first thing to do is scope out the machines – watch for a while and see if anyone playing them achieves a medium to large pay out. If / when that happens, eliminate that machine from your list of contenders. Natural instinct may be to see that machine as “lucky” or “generous” but your odds of winning a jackpot on that machine just went down and not up. Secondly, machines are programmed to give out a certain number of wins each day, so you should stick with the same machine. Do not take a losing streak as a sign that you should move on.

When There Are Fewer Players (Bingo)

Bingo has been a popular game in Europe for a long time and is growing in popularity in North America. The main difference between bingo and most other games of chance is that it continues drawing number until there is a winner. You can increase your odds of a win by attending bingo games during times of low participation. The fewer the player numbers, the greater chance you have of winning a major prize.

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Five Top Table Games for Your Next Party

January 6, 2017

Home casinos are all the rage today. You can bet small and pull out when you feel like it. The problem is that not everybody is familiar with most casino games. Some have complex rules that some players cannot hope to learn in a couple of hours. It’s also expensive to hire a slot machine. So what games should you play if you have a home casino night?

Roulette Wheel

The Roulette Wheel is one of the simplest casino games. You can buy home Roulette kits from most toy and game retailers and online. All you need is a wheel, a ball and the mat with the cells to place your bets. Watch the fun unfold as your players take bets on where the ball will land. Although some of the bets are complex, you can make the game at your home casino simpler by deciding that some options are out of bounds.

Blackjack (And Its Variations)

No player need feel daunted by card games. Blackjack (and its variations such as 21 or Pontoon) is one of the easiest games to play. Be clear on the rules, as some people may be familiar with one version and not the other. Either way, all variations on the “21” games are simple and accessible for those who have never played a card game. It’s fun too! Simply, players compete against each other and attempt to make the number 21 from their hand by sticking with their hand or choosing an extra card.


Poker is one of the most popular and glamorous of card games. That said, it’s not easy to learn all of the rules. Some of your virgin players may struggle at first. Thankfully, there are many versions of poker – some poker variations are easy to learn, others not so much. The great thing about the game is that you don’t have to be a great player in order to win a hand. Poker is all about bluff, after all. You can win with a bad hand if you can convince other players that it is a good hand.


The dice game is a number simple casino game you may wish to play at home. Most households have dice. As we are all so familiar with this diverse playing piece, picking up the rules as you go should be easy. There are no competitors in this type of game, so there would be no motive for people not to help those unfamiliar with the game to understand the rules, and what constitutes a winning or losing throw.


Mistakenly believed to be one of the more difficult games to learn, Baccarat is no longer as popular in casinos as it once was. It became a glamorous game thanks to James Bond. In the books, Bond was a keen baccarat player. In the recent film version of Casino Royale, Baccarat was switched for Texas Hold Em Poker. It works on a simple premise and if there are four or more of you, this can be fun and exhilarating. Two players compete against each other while everyone else bets on who will have the higher value hand. Many hours of fun guaranteed.

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Quiz: Which Casino Game Best Suits Your Personality?

December 24, 2016

I was playing on Casumo casino and I realised, with so many games, what kind of personalities are attracted to each? Are you undecided on which games to play at the casino? Do your friends keep asking you to compare your personality to concepts and inanimate objects? Now, you can amaze your friends by showing them precisely what casino game you are.

Question 1: How Do You Like Your Coffee?

A: Wet and hot. Beyond that, I don’t care. Coffee is coffee.
B: Light, fruity and easy to drink, perfect for a Sunday morning.
C: Big brand label, preferably rich and dark. Give me something new and I might try it
D: Anything that looks a little different. I’m adventurous like that
E: I am fussy because I look for quality. It has to be the right type of coffee before I go anywhere near it
F: Jamaican Blue Mountain. Only the best will do!

Question 2: Plan The Perfect Date

A: Coffee shop! Cheap and cheerful; maximum of one hour. I don’t like to stick around for long
B: I prefer to try somewhere familiar but always open to suggestions. That’s the luck of the throw, after all
C: Let’s start off somewhere simple but turn it up a notch if it goes well
D: I like to take my chances. Let’s see where the wind takes us?
E: I make a suggestion and watch my date closely. If he or she isn’t liking it, I change my stance too
F: Only the restaurant with the best reviews in town will do for a date.

Question 3: What is The Perfect European City Break?

A: Copenhagen: Not the first place you’d think of, but a pleasant time is always had
B: Somewhere new such as Berlin. You like to take your chances, but you also like to know what to expect before you get there
C: Amsterdam. You know why some people go there, but you’re not sure it’s for you. You’ll start off visiting art galleries but curiosity will get the better of you
D: Let’s just turn up at the airport or the railway station and see what they have leaving in the next hour? Dubrovnik? That sounds good!
E: London. Cultured and grand; there is so much to do and there is an electricity to the place that you cannot get elsewhere
F: Monte Carlo, preferably during the Formula 1 weekend.

Mostly As

Slot Machines. Simplicity is your life philosophy. Why waste time playing the long game when you can have a few quick rounds on a slot machine before moving on to something else? Maybe you don’t like the commitment, hate to have your time wasted, or maybe you get bored easily.

Mostly Bs

Craps is your game of choice. For you, life is like a throw of the dice. You want to have some control over the direction but are never fazed by curveballs. You take the rough with the smooth and willing to get up and try again. Craps is a bit like that. It’s a mix of chance and skill, just like life.

Mostly Cs

Call it Blackjack, 21 or Pontoon, but this game means you are willing to take the occasional chance “just in case”, even when you seemingly have a winning hand. You like the comfort of the familiar. However, you are never afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. If you don’t like it, at least you gave it a go.

Mostly Ds

You utter risk taker, you’re Roulette. You know that the biggest chances and biggest wins in life come from taking risks. You’re prepared to put everything on chance and you take some big risks too. We’ll bet you once walked out of a well-paying job to start up a business, and when that didn’t work you tried again?

Mostly Es

You’re Poker. Why? You’re attracted to quality and you like to plan well. You want refined, but you also don’t like to take chances. You play the long game in everything, waiting for the right moment to make your move. Nobody is calling you a control freak, but you do like to have things a certain way.

Mostly Fs

Only the best and most expensive will do. Congratulations, you’re Baccarat. The game of James Bond presents itself an air of mystique, and so do you. You will not settle for second best. You will not settle for Asti when Champagne is offered. Baccarat is elegant in its simplicity, but never shows it.


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8 Outfit Ideas for a Trip to the Casino

October 5, 2016

The most important thing to do before visiting a casino is to find out what the dress code is so that you can dress accordingly. However, no matter what the dress code, there is some rules women should keep in mind. Firstly, never have a plunging neckline that shows too much of your chest. Secondly, no dresses/skirts should be higher than the knee. If you break these ‘rules’, you may not be taken seriously in the casino. So here are some things you can wear…


A maxi dress

Styled with flats, a patterned maxi dress looks chic and classy. If you opt for a patterned dress, keep accessories to a minimum. If you opt for a plain coloured dress, use accessories, such as large, statement earrings, to give the outfit some pizzazz.



A full-length jumpsuit can show that you wear the trousers at the table while still maintaining that feminine touch. Opt for a bold colour such as black or red and then use accessories such as a wide fitting belt, a statement necklace or some drop earrings to really glitz up the outfit. 


Cocktail dress

Paired with some elegant heels and a coordinating clutch bag, a cocktail dress looks very sophisticated at a casino. It shows that you’re happy to be on a gentleman’s arm as a lucky charm, but also that you know how to play yourself. 


A Line Dress

Dresses that cinch in at the waist and have kicking out skirts are very flattering to your figure. Lots of these dresses come with layered skirts so try not to go too overboard with this. Instead, opt for something simple, such as a plain coloured skirt with a lace overlay. 


Bodycon dresses

As long as they aren’t too short, bodycon dresses look very sophisticated on women, especially when paired with some classic stiletto heels and some eye-catching jewellery. Bodycon dresses come with long sleeves sometimes, so experiment with which kind of dress looks more impressive. 


Pencil skirt

If you aren’t a fan of dresses, pencil skirts make excellent outfits for casinos, particularly when paired with a beautiful blouse or bodysuit. Why not glam the outfit up with a faux fur shrug, or similar? 



For men, a tuxedo is pretty much the only option available. Opt for the classic black or white look or go for a beautiful, light blue colour for something that is a little more casual yet still has some oomph about it. 


Shirt and chinos

If the tuxedo isn’t for you, a simple shirt and chino look can look sophisticated enough, as long as you wear the right shoes and the shirt is the right cut and style. Sophistication is key here, and your outfit needs to scream “wealthy”. 

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How to Play Online Slots the Casino Lifestyle Lover Way!

August 21, 2016

You might absolutely love visiting the casino, particularly the better casinos in the likes of Las Vegas. However, it can be quite costly and time-consuming, so an easier alternative is to play online slots. I love playing online slots at Vera&John, but there are loads of good ones out there! Here’s how you can use these online slots and still get the same experience as being in a casino.

Sort out a playlist

There is always music playing in casinos. Source out what kind of music they have and then download it onto your phone or iPod, create a ‘casino’ playlist, plug your device into some speakers and voila! You have emulated the background noise of a casino. You could even go one step further and download some casino sounds such as the sound of glasses clinking, dice being rolled, people cheering, cards being shuffled and so on and then have these playing in the background too.

Have some alcohol to hand

All anyone drinks at a casino is alcohol, so pour some of your favourite beverage into a fancy decanter style bottle and pour yourself a glass quite regularly so that you can play drink in hand as you would in a real life casino. You could take it to another level and see if your partner would be willing to serve you your drinks while you play, acting as a waiter of sorts! There are some great casino style cocktails you can try making, too!

Dress up!

There is always dress codes at casinos, so dressing up in appropriate clothing might help to create the feeling of playing in a casino. Put on a dress or a tux, and glam yourself up before sitting at the computer to play some online slots!

Invite some friends over

Why not play some online slots with friends? That way it again feels like a real casino when you’re all there playing together!


Can you change the space you’re playing it? Make the room a little darker, add some mood lighting and maybe a fancy plant (because for some reason, casinos always have plants!). Creating a space that looks a little more like a casino will definitely help you feel more like you’re in a casino, rather than just on your sofa playing online!

Get your partner involved

In casinos, a lot of people call their partners their ‘lucky charm’ and have them at their side for every game you play. Playing online slots could be a fun thing you and your partner do together, so you can both get dressed up and take it in turns to play the game online while the other acts as your ‘lucky charm’, supporting you, helping you out and cheering you when you make a big win!