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Quiz: Which Casino Game Best Suits Your Personality?

December 24, 2016

I was playing on Casumo casino and I realised, with so many games, what kind of personalities are attracted to each? Are you undecided on which games to play at the casino? Do your friends keep asking you to compare your personality to concepts and inanimate objects? Now, you can amaze your friends by showing them precisely what casino game you are.

Question 1: How Do You Like Your Coffee?

A: Wet and hot. Beyond that, I don’t care. Coffee is coffee.
B: Light, fruity and easy to drink, perfect for a Sunday morning.
C: Big brand label, preferably rich and dark. Give me something new and I might try it
D: Anything that looks a little different. I’m adventurous like that
E: I am fussy because I look for quality. It has to be the right type of coffee before I go anywhere near it
F: Jamaican Blue Mountain. Only the best will do!

Question 2: Plan The Perfect Date

A: Coffee shop! Cheap and cheerful; maximum of one hour. I don’t like to stick around for long
B: I prefer to try somewhere familiar but always open to suggestions. That’s the luck of the throw, after all
C: Let’s start off somewhere simple but turn it up a notch if it goes well
D: I like to take my chances. Let’s see where the wind takes us?
E: I make a suggestion and watch my date closely. If he or she isn’t liking it, I change my stance too
F: Only the restaurant with the best reviews in town will do for a date.

Question 3: What is The Perfect European City Break?

A: Copenhagen: Not the first place you’d think of, but a pleasant time is always had
B: Somewhere new such as Berlin. You like to take your chances, but you also like to know what to expect before you get there
C: Amsterdam. You know why some people go there, but you’re not sure it’s for you. You’ll start off visiting art galleries but curiosity will get the better of you
D: Let’s just turn up at the airport or the railway station and see what they have leaving in the next hour? Dubrovnik? That sounds good!
E: London. Cultured and grand; there is so much to do and there is an electricity to the place that you cannot get elsewhere
F: Monte Carlo, preferably during the Formula 1 weekend.

Mostly As

Slot Machines. Simplicity is your life philosophy. Why waste time playing the long game when you can have a few quick rounds on a slot machine before moving on to something else? Maybe you don’t like the commitment, hate to have your time wasted, or maybe you get bored easily.

Mostly Bs

Craps is your game of choice. For you, life is like a throw of the dice. You want to have some control over the direction but are never fazed by curveballs. You take the rough with the smooth and willing to get up and try again. Craps is a bit like that. It’s a mix of chance and skill, just like life.

Mostly Cs

Call it Blackjack, 21 or Pontoon, but this game means you are willing to take the occasional chance “just in case”, even when you seemingly have a winning hand. You like the comfort of the familiar. However, you are never afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. If you don’t like it, at least you gave it a go.

Mostly Ds

You utter risk taker, you’re Roulette. You know that the biggest chances and biggest wins in life come from taking risks. You’re prepared to put everything on chance and you take some big risks too. We’ll bet you once walked out of a well-paying job to start up a business, and when that didn’t work you tried again?

Mostly Es

You’re Poker. Why? You’re attracted to quality and you like to plan well. You want refined, but you also don’t like to take chances. You play the long game in everything, waiting for the right moment to make your move. Nobody is calling you a control freak, but you do like to have things a certain way.

Mostly Fs

Only the best and most expensive will do. Congratulations, you’re Baccarat. The game of James Bond presents itself an air of mystique, and so do you. You will not settle for second best. You will not settle for Asti when Champagne is offered. Baccarat is elegant in its simplicity, but never shows it.


Bond Style Roulette

How to Win at Roulette Like a Bond Girl

June 8, 2016

Bond Girls had it all; the looks, the money and the luck in the casino. But worry not! You too can have some of that some Bond Girl luck and make some big wins in the casino for yourself. Here’s how…


Flirt your way to winning

Quite simply, you can flirt your way to a big win. Whether you flirt with the dealer of each game or whether you flirt with the general manager of the casino themselves, you can quite easily flirt your way into winning if you play your cards right (pardon the pun). 


Win by association

A lot of Bond Girls were often lucky because their husbands or fathers were valued members of the casino, or even owned the casino. If you know someone who is high up at the casino, such as an investor or shareholder, make yourself known to the dealers, and you’re sure to get lucky all night long. 


Drink your way to winning

Not you personally. Find a man to partner up with all evening and keep his drinks flowing. When he needs taking back to his bedroom, put him to bed like a polite young lady… and then steal all of his winnings from the night. As saucy and sly as a true Bond Girl! 


Win as a lucky charm

Agree to be a man’s lucky charm for the night as long as you get a portion of all of his winnings. Better yet, wait until his back’s turned at the bar and then take all of the winnings in sly and sneaky Bond Girl style! 


Guilt trip your way to winning

Are you just having the worst time? Did your cheating husband run off with all your money? Are you trying to win some back? Probably not, but who cares? Bond Girls were conniving at the best of times, so make sure to use this trait yourself to try and earn some extra winnings.


Cheat your way to winning

Bond Girls always knew how to cheat. Learn some tips from the movies or look some up online. Yes, technically it is illegal to cheat at the casino, but did this ever stop a Bond Girl before? No! So don’t let it stop you either. 


Shoot your way to winning

If worst comes to worst, whip a gun out from a suspender under your dress (as obviously, that’s where they’re stashed in Bond Girl style) and hold the dealer at gunpoint while you take every last penny possible. Of course, this method is not advisable but if you want to be a genuine Bond Girl… well. Why not give it a go? 


Alternatively, you could just study up on the rules of roulette and make a genuine win, because a lot of Bond Girls were just genuinely good at casino games! But hey, where’s the fun in that?


Bond Style Fashion Featured

James Bond Style In The Casino

October 9, 2015

James Bond – a man infamous for guns, girls, vodka martinis and suits. It comes as no surprise that when asked what would Bond wear to a casino, the simple and straightforward answer would be “a suit”. But there is no such thing as just “a suit”. There are so many more things to take into consideration, not just about the suit itself but right down to the smaller details, including shoes, cuff links and other finer accessories. If you want to pull of the James Bond look when entering a casino, you must take all elements of his look on board to succeed. Look no further than right here to learn the in’s and out’s of the classic Bond look.
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Bond Style Fashion Girl Style

What To Wear To A Casino

October 8, 2015

Casino’s are very glamorous, glitzy places to be. The attendees ooze wealth and sophistication- from their attitude, to the way that they dress- you know they belong there. So if it’s your first time visiting a casino, what should you wear? Read on to find out…
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