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Fun Casino Themed Recipes

October 9, 2015

Organising yourself a little casino party? Or perhaps you’re looking for something to snack on while playing casino games online? Whatever your reason, I’ve come up with some awesome casino themed recipes to ensure your night goes off with a bang. A tasty bang, at that.

Playing Card Biscuits

Playing cards are used in many gambling games, so it’s only right that they feature at any casino party! To make these, you’ll need some plain, rectangle shaped biscuits- these can be shop bought or ones you’ve made yourself.

Whip up some glace icing and leave it white- there’s no need to add any colourings (yet!). Spread thinly and evenly over the biscuit, making sure that it looks tidy and there are no lumps or bubbles in the icing. Leave this to dry.

Once the glace icing is dry, use some icing pens in red and black and use these to draw out different playing cards- aces, kings, queens and all the rest. Make the designs are intricate or as basic as you like. Whichever route you choose, using an icing pen should make this really easy for you! We found a full recipe for playing card cookies here.

Poker Chip Cookies

Poker chips are common gambling props, and now they can make a tasty snack too!

To make these, you can use plain, round biscuits or round choc chip cookies- it’s up to you! Here’s a good recipe we found for some inspiration. Make some glace icing and divide it into three bowls. Leave one bowl of icing white and then add some green food colouring to one bowl and some red food colouring to the other bowl. Keep adding colouring until you have a nice bold emerald green and ruby red.

Divide the biscuits into three piles, and then ice one pile with white icing, one pile with green icing and one pile with red icing. Do so evenly, making sure there are no lumps or bubbles in the icing. Then leave the icing to dry.

Once the icing has dried, use icing pens in white, red and green (or the leftover icing from the bowls can be put into an icing bag) and pipe on the relevant poker chip markings! Leave to dry and voila- you have your very own, edible poker chips!

Jellybean Roulette

Gather together a lot of different jellybeans, from all different stores in as many different colours and flavours as you can find- companies such as Jelly Belly UK sell a huge range of different flavoured beans. Once you have your jellybeans, pour them all into a big bowl and mix around thoroughly. Leave the bowl out and allow guests to guess the flavour before eating the sweet. If they guess right, they win a prize!

Blackjack Breads

Make a variety of sandwiches for your guests- put anything you want inside, ham, cheese, chicken, tomato, salad, egg, tuna and so on. Then, using a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart and a diamond (or a square if you don’t have a diamond), cut out all of the sandwiches into these shapes- they match the symbols on playing cards and are simple to make but look great!

Casino Kebabs

Marshmallow kebabs make delicious treats, and are also easily decorated! Visit a special food/baking store and pick up some cooking chocolate in colours red and black. Melt these two chocolates into separate bowls.

Stick one marshmallow on the end of a kebab stick and then dip it about half way into the melted chocolate. Do about half of them red and half of them black. If you’re feeling really creative, you could try and make one half of the marshmallow red and one half black to create dual coloured kebabs!

An alternative to this is using red and black edible glitter or sprinkles. Dunk the marshmallow in one colour icing and then use the alternate colour glitter/sprinkles to add on top of the marshmallow!

Leave to cool and harden in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Luck of the Irish Muffins

Whilst making up a batch of normal muffins, use some black food colouring and pour it into the mixture until you have a bold black colour that will produc black muffins.

Once the muffins have cooked and cooled, mix up some thick buttercream icing. Use green food colouring to turn the icing a bright, emerald green. Pipe this in a swirl round and round until you’ve covered the whole cake with icing.

You can either leave the muffins like this, or in addition use a red or black icing pen to draw outlines of lucky sevens and four leaf clovers.

Add some edible glitter on top to give them that extra lucky sparkle!

Popcorn and Pretzel Pockets

Buy some popcorn kernels and have fun making your own popcorn in different flavours. Add to this some pretzel’s (shop bought or home made) and either mix the two up or keep them separate, the choice is yours. Purchase some mini scalloped popcorn boxes and cover in casino logos, either drawn on by hand or printed from a computer, cut up and stuck on to the box. Ideas could include 4 leaf clovers, a lucky 7, poker chips, playing card symbols (e.g. a red heart) or the word ‘jackpot’! Fill the boxes with popcorn and pretzels and leave out for guests to enjoy!

Fruit Machine Mix

Fruit Machines are a common sight in most gambling venues, so make sure theres a fruity mash up of your own at a casino themed party! Use juicy fruits such as strawberries, grapes, watermelon and oranges, cut up into small chunks and mix together in small plastic pots or cups- a simple fruit salad that will keep you refreshed and is easy to snack on!

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