How To Host A Casino Themed Party

October 9, 2015

Many of us lust over the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas casino’s have to offer, but for a lot of us they are quite unobtainable and very out of reach, be it due to job commitments, family commitments or something else. However, what’s to stop you from bringing all that casino glamour to your very own door? Hosting a casino themed party is a more affordable and definitely easier way to bring the luck, class and sophistication of a casino to you!


The first thing to consider is a venue. You could host the event at home, hire a local village hall, a bar or club or even a local arcade/casino. It depends on how much space you need and what sort of atmosphere you want. Obviously bars and clubs have alcoholic beverages, music and lighting, whereas a village hall and your own home may not. Clubs will hold more people than your home, but in your own home you can better deal with food and you don’t have to pay anyone if things get damaged. There’s a lot of pro’s and con’s to consider, so think carefully about it. At the end of the day, you want a venue that already is or can be turned into a classy, sophisticated and glamorous venue resembling a casino.

Guest List.

To correctly emulate the casino experience, the guest list should be for people aged 18 and up. However, you’ll have to think carefully if there’s anybody younger than 18 who would need to be at your party, e.g. a friend’s child. Will people be allowed plus ones? How many people do you want? Do you really want to invite mad Sarah from the office who may not really add to the classiness of the event? Consider your guest list carefully- who will enjoy the casino experience, who will adhere to the behaviours and dress codes of a casino and who will appreciate the experience.

Dress Code.

Will you emulate the real casino experience and put a dress code in place? Tuxedos or suits for men and fancy dresses for women is the usual dress code. Maybe you want to slack it down, men can wear jeans and a blazer, as it is a party after all. Make sure the dress code is clear on the invitation so that nobody can get it confused!


What decor will you make for the venue?

Some ideas include playing card bunting and/or mobiles, which is easily made at home either via a computer or by hand. Add a shimmery curtain over the doorway for people to walk through, red, black and white balloons in bunches on balloon weights or pinned to the walls. Have round tables dotted around the room for people to sit at and make sure these have a fancy centre piece- for added effect you could sprinkle playing cards over the table.

You could have some friends help you out, walking around as flapper girls or as shot girls. Flapper girls could wear short sparkly dresses with feather bowers and shot girls can wear all black, carrying a tray around their neck with drinks/finger food on.

Have a buffet table with a man dressed as a dealer serving food (black trousers, white shirt, black waist coat, slicked back hair).


Jazz or blue’s music will create a classic, casino atmosphere! Think the Rat Pack when looking for some inspiration. Don’t go for current pop-y club anthems or rock music, as these will not create a lifelike casino experience!


Obviously there are laws in place, differing in each country, but if you can do so legally you may want to have tables set up with different games on…that, or you could look into hiring out things such as slot machines for a more realistic experience!

Have fun.

At the end of the day, it’s a party so make sure that you and your guests all relax and have a good time!

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