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Fancy Casino Food Recipes

October 8, 2015

The best casino’s that line the streets of Monte-Carlo and Las Vegas scream glitz and glamour. Aside from the tourists, the regulars are those who live the high life, jetting off on holidays to the Bahamas and spending their winnings on champagne and caviare. So when hosting your own casino night or casino themed party in similar Vegas style, what sort of things should you be serving to emulate that celeb-esque experience?

Vol au vents.

Vol au vents are very fancy sounding finger food that are actually incredibly simple to prepare and make. The actual vol au vent itself is a small, hollow case of puff pastry, made by creating two small circles in equal size of puff pastry, cutting a hole out of the middle of one and placing the cut slice of pastry on top of the uncut piece of pastry. This cut out hole can then be filled with savoury fillings such as chicken and mushroom, cheese and tomato, asparagus and salmon, to name just a few. Sometimes, people opt for sweeter fillings, such as lemon curd, custard, jams, cream and fruit combinations and so on. Here are some pretty handy (and easy) filling recipes for you to try out with your vol au vents.

Prawn Cocktail.

Everyone loves a prawn cocktail at a party. Prepare some frozen prawns, salad leaves, some lemon slices to squeeze over the finished product and some ready made cocktail sauce. You can then leave the separate components out for people to create their own prawn cocktail, or you can prepare them yourself and hand them out ready made.
If you’re going for the ready made approach, to create the sauce you’ll need ketchup, mayonnaise or salad cream, horseradish and Wiltshire sauce. When it comes to amounts, it’s totally a personal preference. Keep adding little bits of each sauce until you have the perfect looking (and tasting) cocktail sauce! Mix in the prawns, add some salad leaves around the edge of the dish as a garnish and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on top for some additional flavour. Some braver people may even enjoy a dash of paprika- but ask for preferences before you make this wild move!

Healthy kebabs.

Whilst the idea of a kebab sounds like something that goes hand in hand with a greasy night out, these healthy kebabs are made up of posh ingredients that slide onto a stick and into people’s bellies with the same amount of ease. Use a medium kebab stick and the following ingredients to create a healthy, fancy kebab- none of this fast food rubbish. Oh, and refer to them as skewers, rather than kebabs- so much classier, darling.

– Olives
– Parma Ham
– Roasted Peppers (now cold)
– Pickled Onion
– Green Chilli Pepper.

All you have to do is arrange the ingredients artistically on the skewer and then decoratively on a large dish to serve to your guests. Easy!


Again, this is another DIY project for your guests. Leave out some olives, parma ham, a variety of cheeses, a spread, some tomato slices, salad leaves and a sauce of some kind (the choice is yours depending on the toppings you choose). Toast some bread lightly then arrange all of the components onto a dish in an attractive fashion and deliver to your guests.

Sausages on a stick.

It sounds juvenile but it’s not what you think. First off, invest in some fancy sticks, not just your bog standard wooden skewers. You could even find ones that are red and green in colour, or even with casino related symbols on the ends of them to match the theme of your evening. The next mistake you’ll make is sticking on some cocktail sausages from the Tesco picnic section. Wrong. Buy some mini, honey glazed sausages that you heat up in the oven until they’re golden brown and sticky and then serve them in a small bowl whilst warm. Keep the skewers separate so that guests can grab one as they please and stab into the bowls themselves.

Cheese and crackers.

Don’t think big square crackers with cheddar cheese. Think of a cracker selection, small circular ones, rectangular ones, peppered ones, salted ones and plain ones. Then think of a variety of cheese- camembert, edam, brie and cheddar. Don’t forget the garnishes of pickles and jams and sauces. This is no ordinary cheese and crackers; this is upper class cheese and crackers.

Pigs in blankets.

Again, not what you’re thinking of. Chop up a load of onions and caramelise them whilst cooking. Cut up some frankfurter sausages into several small pieces. Then put the caramelised onion and one small frankfurter piece into a square of butter pastry (which you will have prepared earlier of course) and roll up. Pigs in blankets or posh hot dogs…you decide.

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