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Bond Girl Style In The Casino

October 9, 2015

James Bond – a collection of novels and films that represent a lifestyle like no other. Guns, sex, alcohol, adventure…and a little bit of fun on the side, usually in some form of gambling.

Bond was never seen without a pretty girl on his arm, and neither were any of his opponents in a casino. A beautiful lady was often perceived as a kind of good luck charm, as well as being used as a beautiful distraction for your opponents in an attempt to make your own chances at winning better. If you’re a classy lady who frequents casinos, you may be wondering how you can get that much coveted, glamours Bond girl style. Look no further- you’ve come to the right place.


Never leave your hair untamed or unwashed. Classic Bond girls hair was as shiny as the diamonds around their necks. Make sure to deep condition your hair before styling to give it that extra shine, and try to avoid using high temperatures on hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs.

When it comes to the style, some of the most popular do’s are classy, swept back styles. Try modifying the basic “bun”, adding some loose, curled tendrils at the front to frame your face nicely, This is a simple style that requires very little effort but looks glamorous, and keeps your hair from falling across your face in a scruffy, school girl style.

Alternatively, you can leave your hair down, long and flowing in a seductive manner. Use curling tongs on a low heat to create big, loose curls, then gather all of your hair to one side, over one shoulder and pin into place with kirby grips that match the colour of your hair. This “thrown over the shoulder” look is again, effortless to do but looks incredibly glamorous.


Always opt for a dress when entering a casino, especially in Bond girl style. No skirts and blouses, no trouser suits- dress for the nines and go all out with a fancy gown.

It’s about looking glamorous but seductive. Sexy, but not cheap. Bond girls often hung off of Bond’s arms in tight, fitted gowns that clung to every curve on their body and gave their chests a bit of a boost- they were always full length dresses too. This style is incredibly sexy and will ensure that you look the part! However, if you feel uncomfortable with showing off your chest, try finding a dress with a sexy split up the leg instead! Just enough to let a man’s mind wonder…

Don’t forget the important rule- show your chest or your legs, but never both! Bond girls had class and always left something to the imagination that made them that little bit more desirable!

If you aren’t happy to show either your legs or chest, there is still seductive alternatives you can try! Try dresses that have very low/dropped backs, cut out backs or halternecks. Less material but showing nothing intimate…how a man like Bond’s mind would lose control!

When it comes to colouring, most bond girls stuck to two colours- red, or black. If you opt for red, try to steer clear of bright, scarlet colours, but go for deeper, darker and more sultry shades. These will be more complimentary to your figure and look classier than the same shade of red as a Santa Claus suit. Other colours that are sometimes worn include white/cream, grey and dark purple. Colours such as red and dark purple suggest wealth, red and black are more sexy, cream and grey are the least exciting of the colours but can be dressed up with accessories to boost the glamour of the outfit.



Accessorising is everything when it comes to an outfit- especially with the Bond girl style in mind, you want to look elegant, classy and don’t want to go too overboard! One thing to consider with accessories when is this- gold, or silver?

Gold makes a very bold statement and signifies wealth- silver is more subtle, and more sultry. If a dress is red, gold is often the preferred option, with silver being the preferred option for black. If a dress has a high neck, it’s a good idea to focus on some statement earrings, a few statement rings and a bracelet. If a dress has a low neck, go for subtle earrings, a statement necklace that acts as a ‘centre piece’ and something simple on hands and wrists. For long sleeved dresses, statement rings are a must.

Shoes must not be forgotten about amongst a maxi dress, and heels are a must for the glamorous, Bond girl look. Open toed, strappy stilettos are the most popular choice, simple but sophisticated. Metallic gold and silver colours compliment jewellery nicely and pull and outfit together well, but with a black or white dress, you may want to opt for some red heels that will add some va va voom to your look.

If you’ve opted for a dress with a split up the leg, you may want to tone down the jewellery and wear some statement shoes- knee high, lace up heels are very classy, seductive and make a very bold statement indeed.

Make Up

Make up completes the masterpiece that is you when it comes to a stylish Bond Girl look. Whilst you may have been a little flamboyant with the rest of your outfit, it’s best to go down the more simple route with your make up. Dark, smoky eyes create a seductive, elegant evening look, so opt for dark greys, maybe some silvers to bring out highlights underneath those casino spotlights and a touch of black for the innermost corner of your eyes.

Black mascara should be coated evenly, leaving no clumps, or you may opt for false lashes. If you do, don’t pick big, bushy ones that will leave you looking like you’re an outcast from an episode of Towie, but pick, thinner, long and sophisticated ones that will leave men lost in your eyes!

To complete the look, red lips are a must. If you’re not feeling confident about pulling off a red lip look, don’t worry- there are thousands of different shades to choose from, so you can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

Once you’ve pulled all of these segments together, you can be sure that you’ll have styled yourself to be as gorgeous and as glamorous as any Bond girl. Just don’t forget to put that shotgun in your suspenders for any unexpected run in’s of course…

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