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How To Win A Jackpot

September 14, 2017
how to win a jackpot

Most games of chance have a low chance of winning, so much so that professional gamblers prefer to learn games that require skill against where you pitch money, wits and talents against another person. These games will nearly always guarantee a winner; games of chance, not so much. There is no sure-fire way of winning a jackpot on a game of chance like a slot machine, but there are ways of increasing your odds of a bigger win.


Confidence is everything in seeing through your plan to win a jackpot. You can pick the best casino ever, but if you don’t have the confidence you are unlikely to get anywhere. Fear is a primal instinct that in generations gone past, motivated our self-preservation and saved our lives. Confidence is simply understanding the fear of losing, while at the same time being willing to take the chance on failure for the potential rewards at the end. Inside you might be terrified, but giving the air of confidence is infectious towards others and will grow within you. Confidence is its own fuel – first show it and then you will feel it.

The Will To Win…

Confidence is nothing without the determination to see a task through to the end. Confidence can be broken without the desire to go out there, work hard and earn your reward. When you are determined to win a jackpot, you are adamant that it is only a matter of time before something happens, it’s the wilfulness that drives people on, and the will to win is paramount. When you find your determination, obstacles are no barrier to success.

…But The Preparation to Lose

Gambling is a risky affair; every year, many thousands of people are diagnosed with gambling addiction. While having the will and confidence to win is admirable and necessary for winning a major jackpot, it’s important that these do not supersede good judgement. Just as you need determination, you need the understanding that you may, in fact, lose every penny. Setting aside a budget or a limit to how much you are going to spend gives a definitive cut-off point. In this case, preparing to fail is your safety net.

Play the Roulette Wheel

The best odds in a game of chance are to play the roulette wheel and to put your money on black or red. This comes with the risk of losing your stake or doubling it. Experts agree that playing the roulette wheel in this method is the best odds of winning anything in a casino, and therefore the best odds of getting a jackpot. The larger the stake the larger the potential jackpot, but also the higher the risks of putting all your money on a single spin.

Slot Machine Tactics

The odds of winning a jackpot on a slot machine are very low, but you can improve your odds to a certain extent. The first thing to do is scope out the machines – watch for a while and see if anyone playing them achieves a medium to large pay out. If / when that happens, eliminate that machine from your list of contenders. Natural instinct may be to see that machine as “lucky” or “generous” but your odds of winning a jackpot on that machine just went down and not up. Secondly, machines are programmed to give out a certain number of wins each day, so you should stick with the same machine. Do not take a losing streak as a sign that you should move on.

When There Are Fewer Players (Bingo)

Bingo has been a popular game in Europe for a long time and is growing in popularity in North America. The main difference between bingo and most other games of chance is that it continues drawing number until there is a winner. You can increase your odds of a win by attending bingo games during times of low participation. The fewer the player numbers, the greater chance you have of winning a major prize.

Girl Style

My Top 5 Beauty Brands

September 6, 2017
top 5 beauty brands

For my day-to-day makeup, I like to use a mixture of budget, drugstore and high-end brands. I certainly don’t think that the more expensive a makeup product is, the better, but there are definitely brands that I enjoy more than others and will go to, time and time again.


Everyone loves Soap and Glory bath products, but have you ever tried their cosmetics?! With hilariously witty and pun-filled product names and packaging that is stunning, it’s so tempting to pick these up off the shelf, and you really, honestly should. Although a little pricier than your usual drugstore brands, the extra money is certainly worth it. My personal favourites are the lipsticks, the blotting face powder and primer.


There are some Benefit products that I absolutely swear by. There is not one mascara in their range that I wouldn’t love to wear every day, and their mini gift sets are a godsend for those wanting to try some of the products out before paying full whack for the full sized goodies. The blush, concealer and High Beam highlighter are my favourites!


If you’re looking for something cheap, but wonderful, Sleek is fabulous. These are the everyday products that are a face staple and come in so many different shades and options. I love the simple eyebrow pallet, and  the contour kit blush has the best colour and shimmer of any that I’ve ever tried.  


For something colourful with incredible pigmentation Makeup Geek is an excellent choice. They do vegan options, and you can buy individual eyeshadow pans so you can create your own, personalised pallets. The eyeshadows have great staying power and come in some really fun shades that would be hard to find anywhere else. I love the eyeshadows I have, but I am eyeing up (pun intended!) some of the coloured eyeliner pencils.


MUA Make Up Academy products are an absolute steal, with items starting at just £1! These are great for someone who is just building up their makeup collection, or who wants to experiment without paying a lot. There are some things that you just don’t need to spend a whole paycheck on, and will do just as good a job. I have a few of the blushers from MUA because I love the range of colours and the great pigmentation.


I think it’s important to shop around and try different brands to see what works best for you. Some things, I am happy to spend a little bit more money on, because I know you will be able to see the difference, however, others, there’s nothing wrong with being a little cheaper if you find a good dupe or something that still looks great, despite the price.


Some products, I tend to save for those special occasions where I want to look a little more done up – such as some of the Benefit items of Soap & Glory products. However, there are some things I will use every single day for a more simple, natural look. Shop around, try new things, and find your top five favourite beauty brands!


Fashion Girl Style

My Top 5 Fashion Brands

August 25, 2017

When it comes to clothes, I am certainly not a designer queen or a fashionista, but I do love putting together a great outfit that really shows who I am. I am all about colour, and patterns, cute dresses, playsuits and boots. I don’t think I own any properly “plain” clothes! I don’t like to spend too much on one item of clothing unless it really is amazing, so my most often frequented stores are more high street rather than high end.


One of my go to stores is New Look. It’s difficult at times because a lot of their fashion is aimed at people younger and skinnier than me, and I am not quite brave enough to wear a cropped top. However, for work clothes, or an outfit to go out in, New Look is great. I love their more Luxe lines which look fantastic but are affordable too, and their range of jeans are so extensive that it’s easy to find a pair that works for you.


I stumbled upon ChiChi London when I was looking for a dress for my Graduation Ball, and I have never looked back. They have the most stunning party/cocktail/formal dresses for an absolute steal. They also cater specifically for girls who are particularly tall, petite, or curvy, offering beautiful options for all. I think if you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion you can’t go wrong with ChiChi – they even do wedding dresses!


Is there anything better than getting clothes through the post? It’s like a present from yourself! I love Boohoo for this as there isn’t anything they don’t do. They always have great sale items (plus student discount!), and you could kit out your entire wardrobe from just this one website.


Asos is another great online store that has excellent quality clothes at reasonable prices. I like the fact that they also offer such nice men’s clothes too (but let’s be real, sometimes they are the things that finish off our own outfits perfectly!). It’s so easy to order and send back anything that doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look as great on you as you may have hoped, that it makes shopping super simple. (Perhaps too simple! My bank account isn’t a fan!)


I adore River Island clothes as they are often a little more high-fashion and daring than a lot of other high street stores. The clothes are such great quality that you can wear them to death, and they still look fresh – even the shoes! I probably wouldn’t/couldn’t use River Island for all of my clothes, but I do have a few beautiful pieces in my wardrobe that I love wearing for special occasions or events.  


I do love buying clothes (although I hate trying them on in the store – dressing room lighting is so unflattering right?!) especially unusual items from quirky little market stalls or a vintage second-hand store, but for my everyday purchases, these are the five shops I visit the most.


Bond Style Fashion Girl Style Slots

Outfit Ideas: Slot Games

August 12, 2017
outfit ideas for playing slots

Sometimes dressing to impress can have a real impact on how we act, and therefore on our performance at the casino. When it comes to slot machines, admittedly, any impact it might have is tempered by the fact that almost all of the outcome of these games is dictated by nothing more than luck, but it never hurts to stack all odds in your favour, and why not have a bit of fun with the theme?

Slot games come in several shapes and sizes, with five-reel games coming up against three-reelers, or even ones with free reels which blend into each other or are of decreasing size, upside-down pyramids, or weird vortexes. Almost all of them, however, have themes, and so your outfit should be chosen to reflect this. The obvious choice, and a unisex one, is the infamous fruit of traditional slot machines. Don a red ball outfit and pass yourself off as cherry, whilst sipping an ‘appletini’, in keeping with the spinning fruit on the screen or slot in front of you. Gold bling-bling jewellery also wouldn’t go amiss, to reflect the dollar signs and gold bars flashing up in front of your eyes on these old-fashioned machines you’ll find in casinos.

If you’re a fan of the more modern, video slots, then you might also be a fan of fancy dress, and so you can buy into one of the more popular slot themes and take it to the extreme. Have a cortege of male loin-cloth wearing men carrying you in on a sedan chair, as you lounge like Cleopatra, or Marc Anthony, eating grapes and being fanned by your minions, before they set you down by a slot such as Mega Moolah isis or Cleopatra’s Chest.

An idea that might get you throw out of the casino but which would be a lot of fun is to take yourself for Thor for a day and smash your glass hammer about the place, incurring the wrath of the Gods and directing your fury at the other gamblers around you (this behaviour is in no way condoned or encouraged), reminding everyone of many great Thor and Nordic mythology-based slot games.

To take the theme a literal step further, then make yourself a real slot machine get-up and strap it to your chest with a lever coming out of your side, so that people can have a spin on you and see the symbols come up on your torso. Use cereal boxes, hamster wheels and felt tip pens to recreate this look, though it may take some time and a lot of creative energy to achieve the desired effect.

If you prefer something simpler, then a baseball cap, socks and sandals, a cup of tokens and dark glasses will always do the trick, and ensure that the serious, professional slot player look is pulled off to perfection. Whether you choose to imitate a slot theme, the slots themselves, or serious slot players, just make sure you do it in the right spirit, and don’t get in anyone’s way of winning!

Craps Fashion Girl Style

Outfit Ideas: Craps

August 6, 2017
outfit ideas for playing craps

When I know I’m going to the casino; I like to dress accordingly. I like to plan my outfit around the type of casino I will be visiting. There are many casinos where outfit choice isn’t an issue – you can literally turn up in jeans and a hoodie, and you’ll be fine. But there are other casinos that really pride themselves on their exclusive clientele and expect their customers to dress to impress.


Personally, I like to dress flashy, yet comfortable, as I love playing Craps. Because this casino game is played standing up, I like to feel like I am not restricted in my movement, so I choose clothing that is light and flowy.


I have two go-to outfits that I wear when I know I’m going to be playing Craps. I either choose to wear a loose dress or straight legged trousers and a glitzy top. Although I love wearing dresses, I only choose to wear A-Line style dresses to the casino because I don’t feel so constricted. I can still feel glamorous and stylish, but I still have room to maneuver myself around the table to watch the dice fall. Sometimes, though, I just really don’t feel like wearing a dress, and would much rather wear trousers around the casino. Wearing plain trousers doesn’t need to be boring because you can jazz your outfit up with a patterned or glitzy top that will add that stylish top…without being over the top.


The footwear you choose to wear to the casino is a make or break decision. If you choose the wrong footwear, your night could be full of pain and plasters…and nobody wants that. You want to have a good night and hopefully, win some money…without having to worry about whether you can feel your toes anymore. When I play Craps, I normally wear ankle boots that have a slight heel. Flat shoes in a casino just aren’t for me, but sometimes you need comfort over style, so I compromise. Wearing heeled ankle boots allows for standing, but still look stylish.


If I choose to visit a casino that is not so strict on clothing requirement, I normally won’t go full-out with my accessory choices. I always take a clutch bag with me wherever I go for convenience, and add a few delicate pieces of jewelry here and there to compliment the outfit and add a little bit of glitz and glam.


With this kind of outfit, I usually go with whatever hairstyle I feel like at the time. When you look at your outfit, it is normally easy to figure out whether a hair-up or a hair-down would be the best option, so it’s always worth trying out a few different styles. Craps is a game that is spent standing up, and you may have to lean over a table here and there, so you don’t want your hair to be in your face and obstructing your view…because it’s incredibly irritating.


Fashion Girl Style

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

July 24, 2017
tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe

There comes a time for all of us when our wardrobes are full to bursting with stuff that we haven’t worn for months (or years, or at all – spot those sale tags and cringe!), and an urge comes upon us to clear it all out. To purge. To be done with. To gather it all up in black bags and haul it to the nearest (or dearest) charity shop so that someone else can enjoy it.


And of course, once all the old stuff is out of the way, and that closet is looking a little empty, you’ve found the perfect excuse to go and fill it up again – this time with items you’re actually going to wear. Hopefully anyway.


But the work itself is tiring, backbreaking, and boring, and more often than not we stop halfway through and find something better to do, which has left us not much better off than before. And there was so much potential dangling on those empty hangers!


So what are the top tips for making this mammoth task less of a chore? We’ve got a few ideas…


Get It All Out

Literally. All of it. Every single thing within the wardrobe needs to come out and be thrown into a massive pile on your bedroom floor. Don’t worry about making a mess; that’s the point – enjoy the freeing feeling of abandonment for a moment as skirts, shirts, and those sparkly trousers you’d forgotten about go flying. This is a cleanse, and although it doesn’t involve gallons of juice or an expertly placed hose, it’s just as good for you. Seeing all this stuff laid out on the floor should give you a minute or so to reflect on just how much you actually have. It’ll be more than you think. You’ll spot things that make you ask yourself why, and others that are more why not?


Divide And Conquer

Now that the first wave of euphoria and terror have passed, it’s time to start making smaller (ideally), neater (possibly) piles of clothing. Have three categories – keep, stash, dump – and work through everything methodically. Anything you want to keep, anything that you will definitely definitely wear, can go into the ‘keep’ pile. Anything that you want to keep but that isn’t suitable for the season can go in the ‘stash’ pile. Everything else can go. Be totally honest with your answers when you ask yourself whether you really want to keep something or not and it will make the job a lot easier and a lot more satisfying.


Follow The One Year Rule

This is a really very simple rule and one that will stand you in good stead for the future – if you haven’t worn it in a year, what is going to change to make you wear it now? Don’t be a hoarder, don’t answer with a ‘just in case’ pretence. We know, it is entirely possible to grow attached to clothing, but there is really no point in having it hanging around in your wardrobe when it’s never going to see the light of day again.


Bond Style Fashion Girl Style Roulette

Outfit Ideas: Roulette

July 16, 2017
outfit ideas for playing roulette

There’s nothing better than planning your outfit for your night out to the casino – because when you look good…you feel good.


When I go to the Casino, I love playing Roulette. To me, Roulette is a true casino game and reminds me James Bond, villains, and Bond Girls. And who wouldn’t want to be a Bond Girl? This James-Bond-Style fashion is the kind of fashion that I aim for when I’m planning my outfit, and I always think to myself…would I look good alongside Daniel Craig in this dress? If the answer is not yes, I need to change.


In true Bond Girl fashion, I like to wear a dress that makes me feel confident and beautiful…and compliments the black and red of the Roulette wheel. I always find that black is the safest option when it comes to dresses. Not only is it incredibly flattering, but it also goes with anything and everything, so you can always choose to mix and match your accessories to brighten up your outfit. Personally, I love my black dresses with a high neck and bare back because you always have to accentuate what you’ve got. So if you’ve got a nice back…flaunt it. If you’ve got nice legs…flaunt them.


Unlike many other casino games, Roulette is a game played standing up, so you need to be comfortable standing up for long periods of time. So 6-inch heels are a big no-no. Unless you feel comfortable wearing that kind of shoe. If you’re one of those people, I commend you. If I know that I’m going to be playing Roulette that evening, I like to wear slight heels – high enough to be considered heels, but small enough to be able to walk in. This makes me feel confident and sexy, but not the point where I have to take a packet of bandages in my clutch bag…


Bond Girls are known for their diamonds, so smother yourself in them! Whether it’s diamond rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, diamonds are the best accessory to any outfit and will make you the best looking Roulette player around the table. More is definitely less in the casino world and is all about keeping up appearances, so if you’re going to do it…do it with a bang. Of course, if you don’t have any diamonds, any other jewelry can be worn. It can sometimes be nice to wear delicate jewelry that sits well on your body but doesn’t overpower your outfit.
Hair is so important when completing an outfit. When playing Roulette, I always opt for a sleek ponytail to complete my sleek outfit because I do not want to take away from the outfit I have painstakingly chosen. I don’t want anything covering my dress, and a ponytail on a bare back is just fashion perfection. A ponytail is also a practical tactic, as Roulette requires a lot of bending and moving…so the last thing you want is your hair falling all over your perfectly preened face.

Fashion Girl Style

What to wear when playing casino games online

July 7, 2017
what to wear when playing casino games online

When you go for a job interview you choose your outfit with care, wash your hair clean and tease it into your most flattering but simple do. Maybe you squeeze into a pair of high heels, or get out that special tie, the one that you think is new enough and ‘special’ enough to bring you much-needed luck. When playing online, who’s to say you shouldn’t look your best just like when you try to impress a potential employer? In fact, some aspects of the dress-up to impress routine might actually improve your game, and if it doesn’t then at least you’ll have tried your best to put the odds in your favour.

In the 1990s the power suit became the buzzword for ambitious professionals, and not without reason. Wearing something that is reserved for the boardroom, where you exercise power and set out to impress and win, will not only change your posture but also your mind set. Employers are proven to be more sensitive to candidates who hold themselves confidently, and the extra adrenaline rush, which comes from clothes associated with such an experience, can serve you well in high-risk games.

Compare how you usually sit when you’re wearing pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms with how you hold yourself in your chair when wearing a sharp suit; the majority of people will noticeably sit up straighter and be more alert to their surroundings. When you’re gambling with real money, anything that can make you more focused on the game and more confident should be tried, so if that means digging out a tuxedo or tight pencil skirt, then surely it’s worth it.

There is, however; something to be said for being comfortable when you’re sitting facing a screen where the fate of your bet or your gamble will be revealed. If you’re in it for the long-haul you don’t want to feel cinching, rubbing or itching of any description from the clothes you’ve decided to wear, and from this point of view a tie could be less than ideal, as could almost any formal piece of female clothing or shoe wear. Whatever makes you feel like you’re most at home and carefree, be it a tiger ‘onesie’ or paint-splattered jumper from your school days, it’s your game, your choice, and your body. There’s now no need to journey miles to play at a bricks and mortar casino, as thanks to the internet you can play all your favourite games and a whole new generation of online innovations, from the comfort of your own home, in whatever clothes you choose to wear.

Most physical casinos have smart/casual dress codes, though an increasing number now require men to wear jackets, and women are expected to dress modestly whilst still ensuring they are in keeping with their elegant surroundings. It’s part of the thrill of a casino experience, only topped by winning big. But whilst the winning isn’t always guaranteed, when it comes to playing casino games online, you can be absolutely sure that your wardrobe choice is entirely up to you.

Whatever your choice is, it’s always a gamble, and so your best bet is to experiment, and see whether it’s sharp formalwear and shiny shoes, or lived-in clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear out of the house that bring you most luck.


How Bitcoins Are Taking the Fashion and Lifestyle World By Storm

June 29, 2017

Fashion. A world of beauty, glamour, bright lights, and big dreams. It’s the world so many of us want to inhabit, and a world full of innovation and expression. I can admit to being something of a fashion nut – you’ll often catch me skimming Grazia! Fashion plays a big role in my life, and I’m sure it does in yours too, so it’s important to understand the direction fashion is moving in, and what affects it.

We all know how big the worlds of lifestyle and fashion are, and the impact they have on society. And, the world of gambling and finance is linked very closely with fashion and lifestyle. They are almost two limbs of the same body; one affects the other, and this is something you need to understand.

But, Bitcoin is also a major player in the worlds of fashion and lifestyle. This is mainly due to the fact that many more businesses are now starting to open themselves to the possibility of Bitcoin as a currency. For instance, the number of companies now accepting BTC has grown a lot over the past few years, and it looks set to grow even more in the future.

The way we can observe this is by looking at some of the big named brands that have started to accept Bitcoin in recent years. Sure, you may not be able to spend your Bitcoin in places like Topshop, but there are plenty of online retailers that will accept them. In the world of fashion, there are companies like It’s A Mod Thing, Monsieur, and Zakzu who all accept Bitcoin payments.

In terms of lifestyle, you may want to check out a few places, it depends on what you’re hoping to buy. For example, Expedia will allow you to book hotels for your next holiday by using Bitcoin. Or, if you wanted to visit you will find a site that allows you to purchase cars, apartments, and jewellery using your Bitcoin as a currency. If you want to play some bitcoin dice, then head over to MegaDice casino – it’s the number one bitcoin casino!

It shows you how far Bitcoin has come, and what it has to offer the world. You need to realise that the world of Bitcoin is growing and changing in a big way, and this is something you need to prepare for. The fashion and lifestyle industries are huge, and it seems only right that Bitcoin should play a big role in that.

And, in a few years time, we could see things changing a lot, with Bitcoin becoming more and more prominent in the worlds of fashion and lifestyle. It can even serve as a fashion marketing technique; something that has already been tested by the brand Babyghost. We are definitely going to see Bitcoin play a more prominent role in these industries in the not too distant future.