About Me

ellieHi! I’m Ellie – a 21 year old laaaady from Cambridgeshire. I have four big passions in my life – fashion, food, parties and casinos. I know it’s a little bit strange, but I wanted to see if I could combine those passions in order to create a blog (here it is). Many people are still quite daunted by casinos, gambling and all that kind of jazz, so I wanted to show that there’s a glamorous side to it all. Think Bond Girl! It’s all about dressing up in glitzy outfits and sipping cocktails. Well, to me it is anyway. I’ve put this blog together so that you can get a little insight into the real casino lifestyle – from what to wear through to hosting your own casino parties. Oh, and of course it’s all about the food and drink too. Hello, martinis! Shaken, not stirred.

Hopefully, my blogs will encourage more of you to get out there and experience the casino lifestyle! Glitz, glam and all.


Ellie x