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8 Outfit Ideas for a Trip to the Casino

October 5, 2016

The most important thing to do before visiting a casino is to find out what the dress code is so that you can dress accordingly. However, no matter what the dress code, there is some rules women should keep in mind. Firstly, never have a plunging neckline that shows too much of your chest. Secondly, no dresses/skirts should be higher than the knee. If you break these ‘rules’, you may not be taken seriously in the casino. So here are some things you can wear…


A maxi dress

Styled with flats, a patterned maxi dress looks chic and classy. If you opt for a patterned dress, keep accessories to a minimum. If you opt for a plain coloured dress, use accessories, such as large, statement earrings, to give the outfit some pizzazz.



A full-length jumpsuit can show that you wear the trousers at the table while still maintaining that feminine touch. Opt for a bold colour such as black or red and then use accessories such as a wide fitting belt, a statement necklace or some drop earrings to really glitz up the outfit. 


Cocktail dress

Paired with some elegant heels and a coordinating clutch bag, a cocktail dress looks very sophisticated at a casino. It shows that you’re happy to be on a gentleman’s arm as a lucky charm, but also that you know how to play yourself. 


A Line Dress

Dresses that cinch in at the waist and have kicking out skirts are very flattering to your figure. Lots of these dresses come with layered skirts so try not to go too overboard with this. Instead, opt for something simple, such as a plain coloured skirt with a lace overlay. 


Bodycon dresses

As long as they aren’t too short, bodycon dresses look very sophisticated on women, especially when paired with some classic stiletto heels and some eye-catching jewellery. Bodycon dresses come with long sleeves sometimes, so experiment with which kind of dress looks more impressive. 


Pencil skirt

If you aren’t a fan of dresses, pencil skirts make excellent outfits for casinos, particularly when paired with a beautiful blouse or bodysuit. Why not glam the outfit up with a faux fur shrug, or similar? 



For men, a tuxedo is pretty much the only option available. Opt for the classic black or white look or go for a beautiful, light blue colour for something that is a little more casual yet still has some oomph about it. 


Shirt and chinos

If the tuxedo isn’t for you, a simple shirt and chino look can look sophisticated enough, as long as you wear the right shoes and the shirt is the right cut and style. Sophistication is key here, and your outfit needs to scream “wealthy”. 

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