8 Celebs Who Live the Casino Lifestyle

February 20, 2016

Celebs are known for their acting, singing, sportsmanship, good looks… But as well as working hard (it must be such a hard life), they also play hard – and some like to live it up in their free time casino-style.

Ben Affleck

When he’s not pulling off another blockbuster crowd-pleaser, Ben Affleck can often be seen in some of the world’s finest casinos, and more often than not he’s winning. However, he keeps a low-key casino profile, not buying into the shiny tuxedo look but keeping it very casual. Affleck used to play blackjack a lot, and enjoyed spending long hours at the casino, however after being caught card-counting (a practice which isn’t illegal but which casinos don’t take too kindly to) he was banned from playing blackjack and had to turn his hand to other games which involve pure luck, unlike blackjack.

Matt Damon

You don’t need to look far from wherever you find Ben Affleck, and you’ll probably stumble on Matt Damon, his childhood best friend (they met when the two were both around 10 years of age, growing up in New York), who’s as big a fan, if not a bigger fan, of the casino as Affleck. Damon has fully bought into that lifestyle, and likes to frequent the world’s top casinos in search of a quality gambling experience. In a blurring-of-the-lines between his professional life and his personal life, he played a gambler in his film Rounders, leading many to assume he was a big player, and though he does like the casino, he’s by no means a professional player. He and Affleck have taken part in exclusive celebrity tournaments before, always in glitzy settings.

Bruce Willis

Not only does Bruce like to go to a casino but he also invested in Planet Hollywood, which own several casinos across the country. The Hollywood actor relishes his casino time and has been known to wager into the hundreds of thousands of pounds on a game, and seemingly enjoy it whether he ends up winning or losing. Casinos are falling over themselves to try and get Willis to come and stay and spend with them, as they know they’re guaranteed to make a pretty penny from him.

Pamela Anderson

The former Baywatch actress is famous for so many things that it’s easy for her poker fetish to go almost unnoticed. However, Anderson is one of the celebrity world’s biggest gamblers, and she’s even launched her own online poker game. Rumour has it that she once cleared a poker debt with a romantic liaison, and the liaison led to a love affair which sadly ended before it lead to a long-term commitment. However, she can still be seen propping up the poker tables in Vegas, and spending some of her hard-earned cash.

Michael Phelps

We all know how good Phelps is at sports that require physical exertion and stamina (most notably swimming, given all the gold medals he’s won in recent years) but he’s also an ace at card games, and proves it with his multiple trips to casinos every year. He now also lives with a professional poker player housemate, and though he started playing the game online, he then delved into the real-world excitement of casinos and hasn’t looked back since.

Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak

She’s an actress best known for her role in Chucky and for her Academy Award-winning acting in Bullets Over Broadway, but the American-Canadian beauty is now more well-known for her poker playing, and for her poker power couple formed with husband Phil Laak. She has won many world titles and though she took a short break from her poker career, claiming that poker greatness was just an elusive dream, she is now fully back into that lifestyle, a lifestyle which she shares with her husband.

Tiger Woods

Not afraid of leading a lavish lifestyle and paying the bills that come with such a lifestyle, the golf pro has been known to frequent and even host private parties in Vegas’s casinos. His favorite game, and the one on which he’s spent a small part of his immense fortune, is blackjack, something which he has in common with Ben Affleck.

Harry Styles

The One Direction heartthrob is apparently a fan of the roulette wheel, and can while away many hours on the casino floor when on tour with the rest of the band, as he probably gets to see a lot of exclusive casinos in exotic locations. He even has a tattoo reading ‘17BLACK’, a lucky bet in roulette, and also an allusion to James Bond, who knew a thing or two about the casino lifestyle! The One Direction lads have possibly led one of the most glamorous and public lifestyles of the past few years, and so have probably been to a casino or two during their mammoth international tours.

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