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6 Fashion Trends I Can’t Get Enough Of

April 30, 2017

Being a little bit of a quirky girl, I’ve never really followed trends. But every now and then something from the catwalk catches my eye, and I say “Ah, finally something for me!” in a slightly relieved tone. This summer saw some awesome looks from icy blue denim to 90’s raver neons, and the autumn/winter season is sure to grab headlines too. Here’s my take on the trends that I love whether it be for a warm summer evening or a cool, crisp winter.


Either you carry around your bare minimum in a tiny purse or cram as much stuff as you can into an oversized holdall and give yourself a shoulder injury – there is no in between. Or there wasn’t until the glorious rucksack was deemed cool again. Praise the fashion Gods for that one, because now I can finally carry my laptop, makeup, purse and other life essentials (the holy grail of all items – wet wipes, usually) on my back without getting a hernia. Given a great revamp from the black polyester sports variety, this year has seen the humble rucksack adorned with flowers, sequins and bold prints. Viva la rucksack!

The ‘hiking boot’

The hiking boot has got a revamp for the winter and has been made the height of cool by Louis Vuitton who has opted for sleek patent leather and a chunky heel. Perfect for walking through the cold and ice and feeling a little bit cute at the same time. I love to team my hiking boots (Sadly not Louis Vuitton ones) with some skinny jeans, band shirt and eyeliner. But they’d look as equally awesome with the upcoming season’s laddered tights and a short skater skirt.

Gilded accessories

Glistening golden shades adorned all manner of statement pieces of jewellery in the summer, and I excitedly snapped up loads of lovely gold pieces, because I love the warm vintage tone. Check out Etsy for some unique styles that will make you look like a princess. Hold on to your shimmery jewels, because these are sure to come in handy for all those Christmas and New Year parties you’ll be going to later on in the year. If you’ve not bought any yet, try dropping massive Xmas hints for your favourite pieces. Don’t worry, it’s not too early yet, honest!

Monochrome styling

There is something just so effortlessly chic about a monochrome outfit that makes it perfect whether you’re heading to the office or having a date night with your bae. I’m never going to tire of that classic blazer and shirt dress look because it’s so versatile, especially if teamed up with some bold and bright accessories to add a little pizazz. My absolutely fave thing about this look, though, is combining with the leather skirt trend that’s been resurrected this year. A look that’ll see you through to winter if teamed with some decent tights.

Glamorous goth

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I would don my best lacy floor-length skirt, a velvet choker and cobweb hem top before trying to get into rock clubs despite being underage. Yes, folks, I was a goth! But while I’ve grown up and my tastes have mellowed slightly, I do still occasionally rock the goth trend for a night out. Although thankfully in a much more understated way now, minus the heavy eyeliner that makes me look like I’ve been punched by a kangaroo. This upcoming season is all about corsets as outerwear, sumptuous velvets and lacy slip dresses, so for nostalgia sakes, I’m going to be taking a trip down memory lane when it comes to my wardrobe. I’m sure that my friends will be relieved to hear that the corset, despite it giving an awesome hourglass shape and killer boobs, will remain firmly in the shop displays this time around.

Statement earrings

There is very little in this world that can draw the eye to your face like an amazing pair of statement earrings. Whether traditional large hoops, a geometric marvel or a creation made from spikes and chains (yup, these were pretty dominant on the catwalk this year) the designers are going crazy for Pat Butcher’s favorite fashion accessory. They featured heavily on Marni, Stella McCartney and Valentino’s runways this year. My favorite look has to be these super sparkly homemade pretties, which would look great with slicked back hair and a little black dress for a New Year’s Eve cocktail party. Now where did I put my glue gun?

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